Newsletter - May 2023

Hi everyone,

I hope you don't mind this newsletter being published a day later than usual. I've been following Andy's progress on the Elephant, Bear and Bull 100 Marshal's Walk. I'm delighted to report that he finished at 9.09am this morning. Congratulations to him and everyone else who took part. Having followed his progress throughout the weekend, I'm guessing Andy wasn't looking as fresh as this by the time he returned to HQ at Moseley RFC.


Andy Todd


Knowing many of those taking part, it's fascinating watching everyone's progress using the online tracker. Seeing photographs of weary but happy participants and volunteers, makes me feel apprehensive and motivated in equal measure for the main event at the end of the month.

In this month's newsletter:

  • Pewsey Downsaround (PDA);
  • Elephant, Bear and Bull 100
  • Capital Challenge & Monopoly Board Walks; and
  • The usual round-up of Forthcoming Walks



Pewsey Downsaround (PDA)


I hope there will be a report on this year's PDA in the next newsletter. Judging by the posts on Facebook, participants thoroughly enjoyed the event, not least the food! If volunteers have incurred costs i.e. food, travel, etc ..., that you would like reimbursed, please contact Phil Heneghan as soon a possible.


From Sara Fabien:

"Once again, this group just shone beginning to end delivering a stress free, beautiful and perfectly catered event (with Janette in the kitchen we were always going to be spoilt) and each and every volunteer out there just oozed love for Long Distance."


From Clare Loader:

"Thank you to the organisers and volunteers who made a fabulous Pewsey Downsaround today - great food at all checkpoints and at the finish."


Jeanette, Bea and Carol

Jeanette, Bea and Carol


Apologies for not being present on the day. I blame the final climb of the Bath Beat the day before!



Elephant, Bear and Bull (EBB) 100


This year's flagship LDWA 100 takes place on the 27th - 29th May. At least three members of this group will be taking part, including yours truly. Needless to say, I'll be relying on Lucy Robins and John Walker to maintain a sensible pace throughout, and not hurtle of the starting blocks!

The event is named after the traditional symbols of Coventry, Warwickshire and Birmingham. The walk starts and finishes in Birmingham, and passes through Alvechurch, Henley-in-Arden, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Kenilworth, Coventry and Solihull.

The checkpoint locations are on average 6½ miles apart. I will need to focus on reaching each one in turn. Checkpoint 8 is at half distance. The 'breakfast stop' is at Checkpoint 10, followed by Checkpoint 11, which will be run by the Wiltshire group. Hopefully I will have learned the lessons from my past failures, i.e. not to start too fast, and to eat and drink plenty.

We will be 'wearing' trackers throughout the event, so anyone wishing to do so, can follow our progress. The link is likely to be available via the LDWA web site.





Capital Challenge & Monopoly Board Walks


Well done to Sue Farrant and Eley McAinsh for completing this year's Capital Challenge, and thank you for the pleasure of your company. Who would have thought that estimating distance could be such a fun topic of conversation!


Sue, me and Eley

Sue, me and Eley with the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs


I stayed up in London and led 17 walkers from across the home counties around all the squares of the Monopoly Board. Our 14-mile route include the railway stations, the Tower of London (Jail), an electricity substation, Aldgate water pump (in the absence of a water works), a betting shop (Chance), a charity shop (Community Chest) and free parking. We also saw a top hat, a Westie dog, a boot and an iron along the way. Thank you to everyone who joined me.


Monopoly Board Walk

A group shot taken in Marylebone




Forthcoming Walks


Finally, here's the usual look ahead to all the group walks and challenge events that are taking place this month within a 50-mile radius of Chippenham.


Date Name Type Mileage Organiser
Wed 3rd May 2023 Evening walk - Hawkesbury Upton Group 5 miles Bristol & West
Thu 11th May 2023 Bluebell Walk Group 16 miles Wiltshire
Sat 13th May 2023 Cotswold Caper - Event Postponed Group 21 miles London
Sat 13th May 2023 Ridgeway 40 Walk - New Date Challenge 40 miles (Non LDWA)
Sun 14th May 2023 Around the Coombes Group 16 miles Dorset
Sun 14th May 2023 Spring Steps Group 16 miles Bristol & West
Fri 19th - Sun 21st May 2023 Winchcombe Cotswolds Walking Festival Walking Festival Various (Non LDWA)
Sat 20th May 2023 Winchcombe Way Challenge Challenge 21 miles (Non LDWA)
Sat 20th May 2023 Wye Valley Crazy Paving Group 22 miles South Wales
Sun 21st May 2023 Downton Abbey Group c20 miles Thames Valley
Sat 27th May 2023 Round About Group 12 miles Bristol & West


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That's it for another newsletter. All our newsletters are available via the Wiltshire LDWA website. If you have anything to contribute to future editions, please can you get it to me by the 20th of each month. I look forward to seeing you out on our group walks this month.

Warmest regards


Secretary of the Wiltshire LDWA