Newsletter - September 2023

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the late publication of this newsletter. Shortly after returning home from a fabulous walking holiday in the Austrian Tirol, I began to feel unwell. I finally tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. The good news is that my recovery appears to be equally swift, which I put down to the exercise during the previous fortnight.

Some (tentative) dates for for diary. The Pewsey Downsaround will take place on 28th April 2024, the day after the Bath Beat. The Ridgeway 40 is scheduled for 11th May 2024. More immediately, John Roberts has also asked that I mention the Dursley Walking Festival which takes place on 4th - 8th October 2023 (

There appears to have been no response to the request for help with our AGM and xmas meal, so I shall be requesting a committee meeting be held this month to discuss our options. We will also need to discuss our constitution.




Forthcoming Walks


Finally, here's the usual look ahead to all the group walks and challenge events that are taking place this month within a 50-mile radius of Chippenham.


Date Name Type Mileage Organiser
Sat 9th Sep 2023 Cotswold Challenge in reverse Group 18 miles Bristol & West
Sat 9th Sep 2023 Through Downton to the Downs Group 21 miles London
Wed 13th Sep 2023 Round the bend Group c15 miles Thames Valley
Sun 17th Sep 2023 A Bit of Everything Group c15 or c13 miles. Thames Valley
Sun 17th Sep 2023 Late Summer in the Vale Group 18 miles Wiltshire
Sun 24th Sep 2023 Rabbits Racehorses & Old Railways Group 20.5 miles Wessex
Sun 24th Sep 2023 September Saunter Challenge 3, 6, 12 or 18 miles (Non LDWA)
Sun 24th Sep 2023 The Five Valleys Walk 2023 Challenge 21.6 miles (Non LDWA)



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That's it for another newsletter. All our newsletters are available via the Wiltshire LDWA website. If you have anything to contribute to future editions, please can you get it to me by the 20th of each month. I look forward to seeing you out on our group walks this month.

Warmest regards


Secretary of the Wiltshire LDWA