Dogs on Walks

Surrey Group adopts the LDWA's national guidelines for dogs on walks. In essence these say:-

  •  The decision to allow dogs on walks rests with the walk leader or event organiser.
  • On SOCIAL walks: if the walk leader decides to accept dogs then he/she will check with the dog owners that each dog is covered by liability insurance.
    • if the dog owner confirms verbally that this is covered by liability insurance then the dog may be allowed on the walk
    • If there is no liability insurance then the dog will be excluded
    • the walk leader can insist that the dog be on a lead for all, or certain, sections of the walk
  • On CHALLENGE events: if the event permits dogs then this will be on the basis that entrants provide details of their dog at registration together with written details of their dog liability insurance cover
    • entrants agree that they will keep their dog under control at all times AND endure that the dog is on a lead whenever close to livestock or the likelihood of livestock
    • entrants accept full liability for any incident arising from their dog being on the event
    • in the event of any incident the owner undertakes to report full details to the organiser as soon as possible
    • please note that dogs are not allowed in village halls or in any indoor registration / checlpoint venue
  • If dogs are not allowed on any walk or event then this will be made clear in all published information

The full text of the national guidlines on 'Dogs on Walks' can be seen here.

As a general rule always check first with the Walk Leader or Event Organiser before bringing your dog.

Ultimately you, as owner, are responsible for your dog and its actions.

Challenge Event organisers can down load a copy of the Dog Registration Form here