Surrey Group uses PACER to monitor and record the progress of participants on its challenge events - Winter Tanners, Punchbowl Marathon & Surrey Tops. If you are involved in any aspect of PACER the following information, user guides & links will be of help.

For Checkpoint Timekeepers:-

Prior to the event you will have been given a bluetooth scanner, a power bank & a 12-digit access code for your CP - looking something like this A23D-RTD4-6Y4Q. (In addition, due to the ongoing problem with random drop-outs of the LDWA website, we are currently taking a manual, backup record, and for this you wil have been given a Weatherwriter and numbers sheets).

Pairing your scanner 

Your first need to pair your scanner with you chosen recording device - smartphone or tablet. If using a tablet it will need to have a SIM installed. Pairing is done in much the same way as you would pair any other accessory. Open bluetooth settings, turn on the scanner (small slider switch beneath its head), press and release the scan button and wait until "C barcode scanner" appears, tap to connect. In future whenever you turn on the scanner and squeeze the trigger it should automatically connect.

Well before the event it's a good idea to take yourself through the process of logging onto your CP:-

From your browser* log-in to the CP Admin page, select Surrey, type in the access key and check 'Remember Me". ------>

BEFORE tapping "Log In" bookmark this page.

* for Apple devices use Safari and for Android use Firefox. There are known issues with all versions of Chrome so don't use.

Once you have bookmarked the page tap 'Log In'.

The resulting screen will display the event Summary ------->

The event's name & name of your CP appears at the top of the screen.

From the menu  select 'Scan Times - Mobile' to go to the recording screen ------>

Finally test your setup by scanning the barcode on the card attached to your scanner (or a BC on a handy can of baked beans!). You should get an error message 'Invalid participant...'. If so all is well and you are set to go.


On the day of the event - scanning

Before you leave home do make sure everything is charged - phone/tablet, scanner & power bank.

At the CP use the saved bookmark to Log In to your CP, from the menu select 'Scan Times - Mobile'** & then test your connection by scanning the test barcode. A response of 'Invalid participant...' indicates you have connection and you are ready to record.

**If the flashing curser is not present in the pale yellow 'number' field then just tap the field to make ii visible.

As entrants arrive:-

  1. ask for their card (without it they can't be recorded)*
  2. scan the card and wait until the screen updates itself to the name on the card - a visual indication of a successful recording. Your screen should update within a second or two ** so just wait - don't be pressurised by the queue and don't worry if you happen to scan the card more than once - PACER only sees the first scan.
  3. call out the number displayed on your screen to the manual timekeeper BEFORE returning the card to the entrant.  Manual recorder, you should ONLY listen for the voice of your PACER recorder - entrants' are notorious for mis-remembering their numbers.
  4. should an entrant wish to RETIRE at your CP, scan the card, mark it with 'Ret' and RETAIN it. Call Event Control to arrange pick-up transport and ask them to set the entrant's status to 'Retired'. When the transport arrives give the card to the driver.
  5. if you get a "Entrant not expected at this CP" simply tap OK and call it in to event control.

Sequence - "can I see your card please" - take card - scan it - wait for response then call out number on screen to manual recorder - return card

 * if an entrant has lost their card note down their name and time and, when time permits, text or phone this to event control - they will enter the details into PACER. DO NOT take the entrants word for their number - they often get it wrong!

** if PACER becomes unresponsive for more than say 10 seconds it’s possible the LDWA website has gone down. Continue recording manually flagging those entrants that didn't get scanned. When time permits phone these numbers and times back to Event Control. Meantime try scanning the two test numbers on your test card. You will know when the site returns since you will get the 'Invalid participant...' response. (Somebody will have been working feverishly in the background to make this happen!). Now you can go back to scanning.

Finally, note that if you move to a subsequent checkpoint you will need to logout then log in with the Key for the new checkpoint. 

For more detailed information see the PACER User Guide here

For those setting up an Event or acting as Event Controller

  • to access PACER at this level you need to be registered. If you are then go here & Login using your normal LDWA membership details
  • you can request registration here. Registration is not required for checkpoint timekeepers.

If you are specifically involved in setting-up an event 

  • This short guide covers the basics of exporting entrants' details from Fabian 4, uploading to PACER, generating route cards & event documentation.

New to PACER? - these guidance notes will give you an overview.

Full PACER notes - are available in this comprehensive User Guide