LDWA bulk emails

Surrey Group uses the National Group's bulk email facility to send emails to its members and associates.

This facility is only available to LDWA members. 

How to ensure you receive emails from your local and associate groups.

To ensure you receive emails from Surrey (and your associate groups) you need to review your membership details to ensure that:-

  1. your email address is recorded correctly in your membership details
  2. Surrey is set as either your Local Group or listed as one of your Associate Groups
  3. you have ticked 'yes' to receiving emails

You can check and/or modify your settings here.

Select 'View / Edit Your Details' from the Membership menu. 

  1. Under 'Your Details' check your email address. If you need to update it click Edit. 
  2. Under 'Local Group Membership' Surrey should be named as your Local Group or should appear in your list of Associated Groups. If you need to modify these click Edit. 
  3. Under 'Email Peferences' 'Yes' should appear against the email lists you agree to receive from. To receive emails from us and your Associated groups you should at least have 'Yes' against Local and Associated. Most members will have 'Yes' against all lists. If you need to make changes then click Edit. 

Congratulations! You are now set up to receive emails from Surrey and your associate groups as and when they are sent. 

How to send a bulk email.

To send a bulk email to Surrey group members (and those who have included Surrey as an associate), compose your email and send it, together with any attachments, to surrey.mailman@ldwa.org.uk. The mailman* will process and forward it. If you expect replies to your mail you should include a valid email address in the body of your email. In the absence of an explicit return email address the recipient may just 'reply', in which case the reply will go to mailman and so may not reach its intended destination.

*This is not an automatic process. Mailman will forward your mail to the secretary of Surrey group who in turn will manually process it into the Bulk Email Facility. For this reason there may be a short delay until your mail is actually sent.


If you have any questions please email