Saturday 27th December - Ralph's Winter Windsor Wander

14 walkers

Saturday 13th December - Xmas Walk & Dinner

about 30 walkers and the same for dinner

Tuesday 9th Decemeber - Toposcope Walk (Spot)

10 walkers

Saturday 6th December - Jerome's Haslemere Walk (Spot)

9 walkers          

Wednesday 26th November - Installation of the refurbished toposcope on Pitch Hill

Thursday 20th November - North from Midhurst - Elizabeth

15 walkers

Saturday 8th November - Northchapel Loops - Tony & Mary

14 walkers in the morning, 9 in the afternnon

Weekend 25/26th October - Bourton-on-the-Water - Richard Ireson et al

Several walks with various numbers of walkers on each

Saturday 11th October - Another Afternoon Around Ashtead - Dave & Pat Challenger

13 walkers

Tuesday 8th October - Highdown & Lowdown - John Stovell

11 walkers

Saturday 27th September - Walking North from Woking - Jerome Ripp

9 walkers

Wednesday 10th September - Pirbright Perambulation Revisited - Janet Chapman

5/6 walkers

Saturday 6th September - The Real Guildford Boundary Walk, Stage 4 - Keith Chesterton

6/5 walkers

Sunday 17th August - Godalming Circular - Jenny

13 walkers          

Saturday 9th August - In the Steps of the Wessex 100, Pt 5 - Janet Chapman

11 walkers + 2 met up at pub for lunch

Sunday 27th July - A British Cream Tea Walk from Barton Stacey - Janet Chapman

14 walkers

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th July - Away Weekend in Sussex - Juliet Eberle

5 walkers

Saturday 12 July - G2G Guildford WalkFest - Jerome Ripp

20/16 walkers

Sunday 6th July - South of Bentley & St Swithin's Way - Elizabeth, Avril & Janet

8 walkers (& nearly a rabbit)

Saturday 28th June - Do You Know Your Buttons? - Tony Wigmore

8 walkers

Thursday 19th June - Around Crawley Down - Chris & Val McClaren

13 Walkers

Saturday 14th June - Northern Fringes - Jerome Ripp

13 walkers

Tuesday 10th June - Midsummer Walk & Supper - Mary & Tony

20 walkers

Wednesday 14th May - The Punchbowl Revisited - Olive & Roy

9 walkers

Sunday 11th May - Robin Hood's Gateway - John Lay

14 walkers


Wednesday 30th April - Spring in the Park with Gillian - Gillian Bull

12/9 walkers

Saturday 26th April - Home from Salfords - Mary

5 walkers

Saturday 13th April - 3 Counties Backwards - Jackie and Ted

9 walkers

Thursday April 3rd - Bentley & Back - Bill Grace

16 walkers

Sunday 23rd March - Haslemere Hups & Downs - Chris Hayward

10 walkers in the the morning, 9 after lunch

Saturday 15th March - A Woolly Walk to Woolhampton - Avril & Richard

8 Walkers

Saturday 1st March - Another Surrey Border Walk - Jerome Ripp (Avril & Friends)

6 walkers

This was another walk by Jerome Ripp but unfortunately the day before he reported sick and so would be unable to lead the walk. This must be a first for Jerome who has led over hundred walks for the LDWA! He kindly sent me details of this walk and I, together with the friends that joined on the day managed to follow Jerome's route. We had lunch at Eversley Cross where we were met by another Surrey member, Richard Ireson, who had not been able to do this walk due to other commitments. However he was able to meet us for lunch and even organised a table reserved for us on our arrival. The afternoon we thought was going to be considerably easier regards route following and indeed it may have been but for finding many of the paths under a few feet of water! After much zig zagging about we eventually arrived back at the car park having had a really great, fun day out. I have since leaned that Jerome is recovering well and will be available to lead for us again on the next programme. We all look forward to seeing Jerome back in the driving seat!