Last updated 22 December 2021
This database holds details of all the social walks organised by the Kent Local Group of the LDWA since 2008.
You are welcome to browse through the database and use it as a source of inspiration if you’re planning to take a longish (16mi / 25km+) day walk in this beautiful part of Britain.
You can also visit identical walks databases for all 44 of the LDWA’s Local Groups.
You can find a Group in the area you’re interested in by clicking this link.
As a minimum, each walk record contains an details of the walk with starting point, distance and route overview.

In addition, many walk records also include walk reports written after the event, photos, and in some cases, GPX files.
Where GPX files exist, you can view the GPX track on a map or download the file for your own use.
Note that GPX file downloads are for LDWA Members only, and are used at Members’ own risk.
There are two ways to access the data for walks held in the database, both accessible by selecting the Walks Database item in the main menu.

  • Select Walk via Map
    • This displays a map with markers for broad geographic areas. Clicking on a marker will display markers for all walks in that area.
    • You can also use a filter to select just walks in a particular year.
    • You may need to zoom in to select the particular walk of interest.
  • Select Walk via List
    • This displays a simple list of all the walks the Local Group has completed, starting with the most recent at the top.
    • You can also use a filter to select just walks in a particular year.

Clicking on a marker will take you to a page with a summary of the walk covered by the marker. The summary will include walk details and, If available, a report, photographs and GPX file. Where a GPX file exists, you can view the track on a map or (Members only) download it.

If you have GPX files for historical Group Social Walks, please send them to the Walks Secretary, who can arrange for them to be uploaded to the database.