Volunteers' Expenses

Last updated 7 July 2023

Volunteering with Kent LDWA Group


Claim Form

Extract from Kent Group
Newsletter - April 2023


The Principle

A volunteer is someone who does work without being paid for it, because they want to do it.

Kent LDWA has a number of volunteering opportunities and sees these roles as a vital part of the organisation’s work. We encourage and support volunteers within the Kent Committee and at Kent Challenge Events. We also support volunteers who help with neighbouring LDWA local group events and the annual LDWA 100 Challenge Event.

Kent LDWA believes that anyone volunteering their help with these roles or events should have the opportunity to claim a number of specific expenses incurred in undertaking them. By introducing an equitable process for all Kent LDWA volunteers to be reimbursed for these expenses, we recognise the very important role volunteers play within the group, aim to maintain the existing group of volunteers and seek to attract new volunteers.

We will monitor our progress against our aims at the Kent LDWA Committee meetings.

The Criteria

Kent LDWA volunteers can choose to claim the following expenses (any expense claims that do not meet the criteria listed below will not be processed):


We will reimburse the costs of travel to

• volunteer at Kent LDWA challenge events;

• volunteer as part of the Kent LDWA checkpoint team at the annual 100 challenge event;

• volunteer as part of the Kent LDWA checkpoint team at challenge events held by neighbouring LDWA groups;

• plan and walk out challenge event route descriptions.

Cars, vans and motor cycles – 20p per mile.

The driver may claim an additional 5p (i.e. 25p per mile) if your passenger is also undertaking LDWA volunteer duties. Your claim should include the name of this additional passenger. Car sharing is encouraged at all times.

Car Parking – reimbursement based on receipt.

Public Transport – Train and/or coach: actual cost as shown on receipt or ticket (the most economical route to be taken; not 1st class) with evidence of the best price obtained (offers/use of concessionary cards, booking in advance etc).

Taxis should only be used where other modes of transport are not feasible.


We will reimburse volunteers helping with events up to a maximum of £80.00 bed and breakfast per night per person.

Any costs over and above these amounts will need to be met by the individual.

Food and Equipment

We will reimburse any payments made for food for checkpoints, AGM and social events and for any equipment whose purchase has been agreed in advance on supply of the receipt.

Reimbursement for costs of food purchased for a Kent checkpoint on a neighbouring LDWA challenge event is normally paid by the relevant neighbouring LDWA group. Where that is not the case, Kent LDWA will reimburse the costs.

Kent LDWA does not pay expenses for people attending committee meetings, planning sessions or LDWA social events.

The Process

The volunteer (unless agreed by the chair of the LDWA committee) must be an LDWA member, complete the online claim form and provide copies (scan or photograph) of the appropriate receipts to accompany the claim.

The expenses claim form must be submitted within 8 weeks of the event. Any expense claim made after this period will be refused.

You can download the claim form here.

Save the form to your computer/tablet and then complete the version you have saved. Ideally change the name to your name and the date. Claims will be processed by the treasurer within 4 weeks of receiving the application and the reimbursement will be paid by online bank transfer.


Claims will be anonymised for the purpose of monitoring of costs by the Kent LDWA Committee. The only person who will have access to the data will be the Treasurer.

The Committee retains the right to review the principle and process of its volunteering policy and will communicate any changes to members.