Detailed route description

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A detailed Route Description is available to download, complemented by general information about the route and an explanation of the abbreviations used in the Route Description.

Please read the Information and Abbreviations document before reading the Route Description.

Also available to download are the Route Waypoints and a .gpx file.

The Route Description is provided in both Adobe pdf and MS-Word format. Please note that the MS-Word document version is provided for your convenience and any changes you make to the MS-Word document you make at your own risk, and the organisers accept no responsibility for the consequences.

The information provided is subject to change before the event, and updated documents will be indicated. We are not anticipating publishing a revised route description or gpx file before the marshalls event.

Note that there are road construction works on the approach to the CP11 checkpoint, with frequently changing pedestrian diversions. Take care to follow the local diversion signs.

Select from the links below as appropriate.

   Route Information and Abbreviations - read this first 

   Detailed Route Description - pdf format

   Detailed Route Description - MS-Word format

   Route Waypoints 

  .gpx file

The .gpx file is formatted to enable download onto both modern (OS Maps) and obsolete online mapping systems, such as TrackLogs and Memory Map, as well as straight onto GPS devices.

For those entrants who do not have their own mapping software and wish to plot the route onto their OS Maps, we are providing a direct link to the route map on an OS Maps account. Follow this link.

If you don’t have your own OS Maps account (which is excellent value for money), you can still see the route on a standard map and in aerial view. You can also zoom in to see the actual paths and field boundaries and even the side of the road on which to walk. You should be able simply to copy this route onto your OS Maps. or you can print the route at a 1:25000 scale and waterproof the pages in A4-sized self-sealing plastic bags. The standard map is useful in an urban area, because you can see the actual street names.

The very accurate and detailed route description should also be sufficient to be able to plot the route on the OS Maps.