Qualifying Events

To have an entry accepted for The Elephant, Bear and Bull 100 entrants must have completed 50 miles or more in at least one of the qualifying events listed in the table below.

This qualification will begin from 1st January 2022.

The list of qualifying events is shown below and will be added to as information becomes available. It will include all LDWA events of 50 miles or more, and a limited list of non-LDWA events (Shropshire Way 80k, The Fellsman, The Bullock Smithy Hike, Round Rotherham, Tour de Trigs).

Date Event Distance Organisers
1st January – 11th April 2022 Spring in Lakeland “Anytime” challenge (see note 2 below) 50ml Lakeland
12th – 13th Feb 2022 Winter Poppyline 50ml Norfolk & Suffolk
2nd – 3rd April 2022 Shropshire Way 80k 80k (Non LDWA)
9th – 10th April 2022 The Woldsman 50ml East Yorkshire
30th April – 1st May 2022 The Fellsman 50ml (Non LDWA)
30th April – 2nd May 2022 TransPennine 100 Marshals event 100ml Vermuyden
3rd – 5th June 2022 TransPennine 100 Main event 100ml Vermuyden
16th - 17th July 2022 AFoot in Two Dales 50ml The Irregulars
Wed 1st Jun – Sun 31st Jul 2022 Cotswold Ring “Anytime” Challenge 52ml Bristol & West
28th - 29th August 2022 White Cliffs Challenge 50ml Kent
3rd - 4th Sep 2022 The Bullock Smithy Hike 56ml (Non LDWA)
17th – 18th Sept 2022 The Three Forests 50ml Essex & Herts
1st Oct 2022 Round Rotherham 50ml (Non LDWA)
Oct 2022 Laich o’Moray 50 51ml North West Grampian
Dec 2022 Tour de Trigs 50ml (Non LDWA)
April 2023 The Woldsman 50ml East Yorkshire
April/May 2023 The Fellsman 50ml (Non-LDWA)



  1. Completion of at least 50 miles in an event listed above longer than 50 miles is acceptable as a qualifier.
  2. Spring in Lakeland Anytime Challenge completions are only valid if done after 1/1/22.