Final Details

These are the final details for the EBB100 event. Please read and note the contents. It will aid your enjoyment of the event. (This information can also be downloaded as a pdf document)

Start and finish are at Moseley Rugby Club, Billesley Common, Yardley Wood Road, Birmingham, B13 0PT (What3Words soil.rested.dining) 
Note that the rugby pitches are strictly out of bounds at all times.

Emergency number
The number to be used during the event is 07783 821544. This will be printed on your tally and on the route description for ease of reference.

Friday : Please note that there will be no indoor sleeping space available at HQ on Friday night, and we will be required to vacate the venue promptly once the event finishes on Monday. However, we’ve negotiated access to the rugby club grounds for camping and motor homes on the Friday night. You will need to arrive between 4pm and 9pm on Friday. Please park and camp as directed by marshals. You will need to be entirely self-sufficient – there is no access to any part of the buildings, including the toilets. No BBQs or bonfires either, please. Building access is unavailable until 7am Saturday morning. 

Saturday : The event HQ will be open from 7am. Please park as directed by marshals. Registration opens at 8am. There will be hot and cold drinks and toast available at registration. 

For those arriving by public transport we are hoping to have a minibus shuttle service to meet the trains on Saturday morning at Yardley Wood station. The local buses stop very close to the rugby club.

Labels for your breakfast bags and bags to stay at HQ (if you have one) will be issued outside (on ground floor level). Breakfast bags will be measured and weighed and stored in a gazebo downstairs. Bags to stay at HQ will be left under cover in the stand. You can leave your bags either before or after you have registered.  Please do not take bags into registration.

In the conference room (up a flight of stairs), there will be a one way system where you can Collect your tally - Collect your tracker - Sign the kit declaration form - Hand in medical form if applicable - Collect pre-ordered mug if applicable

If you intend to start at 12 noon or at 2pm, you will not be able to register until after the 10am start as it will be really busy.

Please check that you are starting at the correct time – the early checkpoints will be really busy from the 10am start, and there are some fast sections early on. Starting later will reduce congestion on the canal towpath and park cycle paths, which we will be sharing with members of the public.  Please look at the opening times carefully – from the 10am start, the speed of 5 miles an hour only applies to the first 20 miles. If you arrive early at a checkpoint, you will have to wait outside. At the time of sending this email we have close to 450 entrants starting at 10am. Please email in advance ( if you wish to change. We won’t stop you changing your start time on the day, but please be considerate to the organisers and do it in advance! Thanks

Kit check 
There will be at least 2 kit checks on the route, before and after breakfast. As a reminder, the compulsory kit and maps are listed in sections 8 and 9 of the event rules. You will be required to sign a declaration that you will carry all items throughout the event, and if you fail to produce a compulsory item when requested to do so at the kit check, you will be disqualified. Any digital versions of maps and/or route description will need to be downloaded.

For the avoidance of doubt, maps and pages of route description relating to earlier sections of the route may be discarded once those sections have been completed, but those relating to later sections may NOT be put in your bag for collection at the breakfast stop (or from supporters who may be meeting you around the route) - they must be carried from the start

Medical declaration
If you have any medical condition which someone treating you in an emergency would need to know about, please put the details in a sealed envelope with your name on the outside and place it in the box which will be available for this purpose. The envelope will only be opened in an emergency and destroyed after the event.

Breakfast bag
This is for non-essential items only - any items which will be necessary during the event must be carried. The maximum permitted dimensions are 50cm*30cm*30cm and weight 6kg; any bag exceeding those limits will not be transported.

Route description
The final route description to be used on the event is available on the route description page, along with the GPX file. If you have been recceing using the draft RD, you may wish to note the accompanying "Info & Abbs" document which details the changes. Most of these are minor and only relate to the way the route is described (e.g. an object used as a point of reference has been removed); the only changes to the actual route are those which have been forced by roadworks or building work obstructing the intended one. What is described is what we have judged to be the safest way around the obstruction to rejoin the original route; if you think you can see a short cut, please do not be tempted to take it - this will be treated as deliberate deviation from the set route.

Remember that we are sharing paths with other users. Please be considerate at all times. The Grand Union Canal Race is going on at the same time as our event. Please don’t be distracted if a few runners pass you later on (between CP13 Barston and CP15 Hay Mills). Don’t forget that most people are happy to group up during the night, especially in urban areas, so please ask those around you if you would rather not walk on your own. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have to retire, you must do so at a checkpoint (except in an emergency). The checkpoint marshals will assist you, including arranging transport back to HQ if required.

If you have supporters wishing to see you along the route, please make note of information on the supporters page which says whether supporters are allowed in checkpoints and gives parking information.

There is also lots of information about facilities available on the route on the Practical Information page.

There are some historical information facts here (which will be added to in due course) on the Historical Information page.

The tracker page will be available for your supporters to follow your progress. The link is: (the list of participants is currently blank; they will be added on the day). Your tracker should be placed at the top of your rucksack, not in any packaging, drybags or plastic boxes!

After the event
Showers are available – follow the signs. There will be a hot meal. And drinks. Don’t forget to retrieve any bags that you left (by 11am on Monday 29th May). Make sure that you have had sufficient rest if you are driving.

Sleeping after the event is available in the conference room (where you registered). Please respect others who may be asleep. The conference room should be vacated by 11am on Monday 29th May at the latest.

A full range of kit is available to buy direct from the supplier. Probably too late to arrive before the event now!

Media team
Please be aware that the LDWA Media Team will be taking photos and videos over the weekend. They will be easily identifiable in smart new hi-vis jackets! If you have a strong objection to being on video, ideally please email Simon in advance at You don't need to give a reason. However, please be aware that the media team will video large groups of people, particularly at the start, and it will not always be possible to exclude you in such situations, although you may be able to avoid being in shot. The LDWA is keen to use video to celebrate and promote its activities, so please think carefully before asking to be excluded.

If you are approached for an interview and don't feel at your best, just wave them away and shake your head. However, if you feel you could be the next poster boy/girl for the LDWA, this could be your two minutes of fame but please don't shout "Hello Simon" in your excitement as it will ruin the footage!

We look forward to seeing you all at the end of the month. Any questions, please ask, but sooner rather than later please.