Minutes of the 2020 AGM


The Irregulars LDWA AGM

Sunday 8th March 2020

The Irregulars LDWA AGM was held at the Leggers Inn, Dewsbury on Sunday 8th March 2019.

The meeting was declared open at 14.00 hours, there were no non-members present.

Members of the Committee present were: Nick Ford, (Chair) Jeff Coulson, (Treasurer), and Dave Sharp, (Secretary)     

Members of the group present were: Alan Tinker, Dave Wolsey, Pat Coulson, Malcolm Bird, Frank Tonge, Jayne Astbury, John Astbury, Sid Upton, John Mosley, Gail Moseley, Jenny Lockwood, Barry Lockwood, Brian Winn, Ann Winn, Christine Stratton, Peter Wood, Mick Abbott, Simon Leck, Geoff Wright, Rita Wright, Chris Haley, Maggie Haley, Andrea Hutchinson, Mike Warner, John Williams, Raj Joshi, Phil Peacock, Mick Abbott, Stephen Walker, Melvyn Walker, Sharon Whitworth, John Whitworth, Frank Jenning, Mike Phelan, Terry Phelan, Jean Bobker, Karen Jeffries, Reg Tayler, Dave Wolsey, Tricia Hesford, Michael Coley, Colin Petit, Jimmy Smith, Jenny Shepherd & Mike Askey.

Apologies For Absence:  Ron Richardson, Michael Arnold, Andy Mohun-Smith, Peter Reilly, Anne Robinson, Ian Vickridge, Hilary Scott, Roy Turner, Chris Johnson, Patrick Loveday, Marcus Rogers, Arthur Read, Brian Campbell, Dave Sheldon, Dave Motloch, Sue England, Graham Frye, Helen Johnson, Caroline McGuire, Manny McGuire, Sara Dyer & Lesley Wolsey

  1. Previous AGM Minutes

The minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 3rd March 2019 were accepted as a correct record.

Proposer: Reg Tayler, Seconder: Raj Joshi.  Carried.

  1. Chairman’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Chairman’s Report

  1. Secretary’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Secretary’s Report

  1. Social Walks Coordinator’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Social Walks Coordinator’s report.

All of the above reports – Proposer: Christine Stratton, Seconder: Mike Warner.  Carried.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

 Thanks were given by Jeff Coulson, Treasurer, to the auditor Dave Sheldon for his role regarding the audit process. The Treasurer, then went on to discuss and recommend that the group continue to cease taking the £1 walk fee in view of the group’s healthy financial situation. Income had been generated from running challenge events, plus the taking of fees from both walking and annual subscriptions. At this juncture the group had made a year on profit of £355, even with charitable donations of £575 made. There were felt to be enough reserves for any likely needs. The Treasurer continued to advise that this situation be reviewed annually. John Astbury enquired whether the fact we no longer had an individual collecting money (Malcolm Bird), could impact adversely on our ability to keep good records of attendees on walks. John was reassured by Jeff & Nick that accurate details were kept and indeed were now submitted regularly to the LDWA for insurance purposes.

  1. Election of Officers

All Officer posts present (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) were unopposed and in view of this re-elected.

Social Walks Co-ordinator- Dave Motloch, had resigned from this post and heartfelt thanks was given by the chair and from the floor, regarding the excellent work he had undertaken. A £50 voucher for the Caravan and Camping Club is to be presented to him.

John Whitworth was elected unopposed as the new Social Walks Co-ordinator

  1. Election of up to 4 Ordinary Committee Members

John Williams: Proposer Alan Tinker, Seconder: Geoff Wright.  Carried.

Sharon Whitworth: Proposer: John Whitworth, Seconder: Christine Stratton.  Carried.

Sara Dyer: Proposer: John Astbury: Seconder: Alan Tinker.  Carried.

Sue England: Proposer: John Mosely, Seconder: Jean Bobker.  Carried.

Non-Committee roles within the group are:

Magazine Editor: Pat Coulson

Statistician: Tony Ford

Badge Archivist: Andy Mohun-Smith

Who all agreed to continue in their roles.  Thanked by the Chairman.

8.Proposed 2020 Constitution

Nick Ford provided a background summary of the reasons why the Irregulars were in the process of updating their current constitution, which was now approximately twenty years old. The main driver to this being the model constitution that the LDWA have formulated and each local group have therefore been asked to utilise this as the basis of their own constitution. Nick confirmed that he had recently circulated a paper to members giving the rationale for change and the particular circumstances of the Irregulars, namely having three different categories of members (Primary, Associate and Non-LDWA). The committee had examined the original constitution in the light of the “LDWA model” constitution and had endeavoured to ensure that all were equally represented. This process had involved much interaction with the LDWA Executive and Dave Morgan, Chair, has now agreed he will recommend our revised constitution to the full Executive when they next meet.

Reference was made to the GDPR discussions that the committee were currently having with the LDWA and it was noted that a further meeting is to be held later this week to be attended by Nick Ford and Jeff Coulson. Up to present the LDWA had not accepted the groups approach to GDPR compliance. (this matter had also been covered in Nick Ford’s email to the group).

Nick Ford went on to explain that he had the previous evening received correspondence about a number of issues that Sue England and Lesley Wolsey had concerning the constitution. Nick Ford felt that these concerns, had come at a very late stage but that he had spoken to Sue England and agreed that Sec 4.1 in the constitution should read “opt for Primary” and to take out by default (if we are a non-geographical group). He had also agreed to email Sue England after the meeting to address the other issues she raised in more detail.

Following discussion, the draft constitution was unanimously accepted by the group.

Proposer: John Astbury, Seconder: Stephen Walker.  Carried.

The meeting was declared closed at 15.00 hours.


Management Meeting Sunday 8th March 2020 (held following the AGM)

Minutes of the Meeting held on Sunday 3rd March 2019 accepted

Proposer: Pat Coulson: Seconder: Stephen Walker.  Carried.

  1. Subscription Fees for 2020/21

It was proposed and unanimously agreed that the membership fees be unchanged for 2020/2021 at £10 for individuals and £15 for couples. Jeff Coulson (Treasurer) felt the group’s financial position was most robust.

  1. Non-LDWA members to pay £3 additional subscription

Proposer: John Williams: Seconder: Jenny Shepherd.

John Williams spoke to this proposal, namely that non-LDWA members help defray the additional costs involved in purchasing PLI for the group, which was essentially targeted at them. After discussion it was felt that the cost of the PLI was nominal (£112), the cover also included events and that therefore we should not impose this additional charge.

Proposal not carried

3.Proposal to give donations of £250 to Wasdale MRT and£250 Calderdale MRT

Proposer: Alan Tinker: Seconder: Jeff Wright.

Alan Tinker outlined the case for providing monies to these MRT teams, in particular that they operated in catchment areas we utilised and that the monies would assist in purchasing essential equipment eg communication facilities.

Proposal carried

  1. Irregulars Support for forthcoming Challenge events

Nick Ford appealed to members for support towards two Irregulars events, the Marsden Meander and AFoot in 2 Dales.

5.Irregulars 2,000th walk Wed 8th July 2020

Nick Ford confirmed that there is to be a short walk (12 miles) arranged from Marsden on this date, followed by lunch at the Riverhead Brewery Tap.

6.Irregulars 20th Anniversary March 2021

Nick Ford talked briefly about this significant event for the group. He suggested that this could be on the lines of the 10th Anniversary arrangements.  Further ideas are welcomed. Suggestion of a commemorative tee shirt.

  1. Date and Time of next meeting Sun 7th March 2021