Committee Meeting - 24/02/20

Minutes of The Irregulars Committee Meeting held on 24.02.20 at 7.00 pm

Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster.

  1. Present: Nick Ford (Chair), Dave Sharp (Secretary), Jeff Coulson (Treasurer)

2 Apologies for Absence: Dave Motloch

3.Minutes of the meeting held on 14.11.19: minutes accepted

4.Matters Arising:

4.1. Regular Irregular Saturday 7th December 2019.

All went well with this event, no reported issues.

4.2. Irregulars Support to Forthcoming Challenge Events

Sat 21st Mar 2020 – “The Kettlewell.” Linton VH. Supporting N Yorks group.

May 2021 – “LDWA 100”. Wortley CH at 85miles.

May 2022 – “LDWA 100”.

Following the flyer circulated to members by NF seeking assistance in supporting these upcoming events, there had been a very positive response and enough resources are now available. Thanks to all involved.

4.3 Forthcoming Celebrations

Wed 8th July 2020 – 2000 th walk. As previously discussed, arrangements for celebrating this significant date for the group have progressed. Also, the suggestion that we sponsor a signpost with Peak & Northern and request it be sited on the Marsden Moor Meander route at a key juncture. Approval is being sought from the relevant authorities/landowners There is to be  a short walk followed by a celebratory lunch at the Riverside pub which has now been booked. JC is exploring whether the group has enough funds available to part cover the costs of the lunch. To be discussed at the Irregulars AGM.

4.3 Mar 2021 - 20th Anniversary.

Proposal that we discuss arrangements to celebrate the 20th Anniversary on the lines of the 10th Anniversary arrangements i.e. A walk and dinner. Discussion deferred at this meeting until the Irregulars AGM

4.4. Walks Co-ordinator Role

DS following the last meeting proposal circulated a flyer to the group inviting expressions of interest and for those interested to discuss informally with DM what the role entails. Selection and nomination through the AGM

5.. Financial Report

JC spoke briefly on this topic. He had received the audited accounts which will be circulated with the AGM agenda explained that the group has made £575 in donations, £250 Holme Valley ,MRT, £250 Marsden Moor fire appeal, £50 Wasdale MRT (Pete Gardner family request) £25 Hospice (Jim Rigby family request).The loss of income projected from not taking a £1 subs on walks is approximately £1,500 in the current financial year.

6.Charitable donations

Alan Tinker has proposed that at the forthcoming AGM the Irregulars donate £250 to Wasdale MRT and £250 to Calderdale Search and Rescue. This was discussed and it will be put as requested at the Management meeting following the AGM.JC stressed the importance of the group having sufficient reserves to cover any unexpected costs and also to facilitate the booking of holidays by  leaders (a key requirement).

7. Committee Membership Arrangements.

Alan Tinker has written to the Committee requesting that at the AGM consideration be given to extending the membership of the Committee. The Committee were in agreement that the composition of the group should be increased and that this was also in line with the requirements of both the current and draft Constitutions.  Recommendation: that the AGM agenda invites up to four other members in addition to the current membership. (a total of 8).

8.Draft Constitution & GDPR

This item took up most of the meeting. NF reported back on his interactions with the LDWA Executive .A summary report is to be sent by NF to all members (Footnote - Done) outlining why as a group we have been required to adopt a new constitution and the progress made so far .The fact the Irregulars have non LDWA members has posed specific issues in respect of the model constitution but considerable progress has been made following several rounds of discussion. Additionally, the LDWA have expressed concerns about how the group manages emails to members and whether this is compliant with the requirements of GDPR. We as a group are of the view that the way we handle emails is compliant and considerable thought has gone into ensuring we are so. A further meeting on this issue is to be held on 13th March 2020 with the LDWA Executive and their lead officer for GDPR matters, Stuart Bain. JC and NF to attend.

9.AGM Arrangements 08.03.20

DS confirmed that the Leggers was booked for the AGM and that lunch had been requested. Members had been invited to give their food preferences. Order of business for the AGM and Committee meeting to follow was discussed.

10.Date and time of next meeting.:

Sunday 08.03.20 The Leggers Inn, Dewsbury (following the AGM) lunch at 1.00 pm