Committee Meeting - 21/02/19

Minutes of The Irregulars Management Meeting held on 21.01 19 at 7.00 pm

Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster.

  1. Present: Nick Ford (Chair), Dave Sharp (Secretary), Jeff Coulson (Treasurer)

2 Apologies for Absence: Dave Motloch

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 11.01.19: minutes accepted
  2. Matters Arising:

4.1. LDWA Bulk email update/implementation process.

It has now become apparent that since recently utilising the Irregulars bulk email process we have identified problems receiving emails back to the original sender. However, Simon Lecke, who apparently set up the system for the LDWA, has informed us that this is possible and has advised contacting the LDWA to set up this facility for us. NF to arrange this. 

(Footnote – Now done.  All replies to bulk emails will automatically go to the Secretary.  If the originator wishes replies to go direct to them, they must stipulate this in the email).

4.2. Challenge Events Update.

A Foot in 2 Dales 2019, no significant change since our last meeting. Applications being received at a slower rate than this time last year, potential factors influencing this issue discussed.

Marsden Meander, little improvement in numbers since our last meeting and some concerns expressed about the viability of the event if we have insufficient numbers applying. This situation will be closely monitored.

  1. AGM & Management Meeting 03.03.19

The bulk of the meeting taken up in planning and co-ordinating the imminent AGM/Management meeting.

 JC to propose a 6-month suspension (and extension following review) of the weekly walk fees, in view of the current positive financial reserves.

(Footnote – JC having received the accounts back from the auditor, will now propose a 1 year suspension)

Alan Tinker has submitted a proposal for the AGM that the Irregulars give 4 recurrent (at financial year end) donations of £250 to the Mountain Rescue Group in the areas we most walk. Discussion surrounding the impact of the previous proposal (if agreed) regarding suspending walk fees and the likely effect on reserves and hence our ability to make significant donations.

Proposal to be discussed at the AGM from NF, that we discontinue our affiliation to the BWF. NF also recommended that we affiliate to the Peak & Northern Group, who it was felt were very active in a variety of ways, (eg protecting rights of access, signposting and footpath repair) in some of the areas we walked. The cost would be £22.50 per year to affiliate.

Reg Shah-Taylor has submitted a proposal and accompanying rationale, that our group take on the challenge of organising a 100. Some of the issues surrounding the feasibility of this proposal were tentatively discussed eg, timescales, preparatory work involved, age of members, catering issues etc

NF to circulate AGM/Management meeting documentation (agendas/reports/minutes)

  1. 6. Any other business

6.1 Dogs on walks

The committee took the opportunity to discuss the topic of dogs on walks. The advice from the LDWA National Committee on this matter was felt to be particularly helpful. The Irregulars will continue to be guided by this advice. Whilst dogs under close control are welcomed on our walks the walk leader, as part of the walk recce, ought to identify whether it is appropriate for dogs to be brought along. eg access rights that prohibit dogs (grouse moors), inappropriate terrain for dogs (difficult ladders to negotiate for instance)etc.   Walk Leaders must stipulate if ‘dogs not welcome’ in the walk summary, otherwise it will be assumed otherwise.  The importance of the walk leader having the responsibility to actively manage the situation regarding dogs was emphasised.  It was suggested that in the next newsletter we remind dog owners and walk leaders of their responsibilities on this issue.

(Footnote – The LDWA guidelines for Dogs on walks are now on our web site, on the Social Walk programme pages).

  1. Date and time of next meeting: Tuesday 7th May 2019, 7pm Angel and White Horse Tadcaster