Outstanding provisions

Outstanding provisions
Outstanding provisions


today we’ve been upto the Lockup at Escrick and carried out an inventory on shirts etc and food provisions.


If any challenge events are to take place, current guidelines indicate no catering arrangements will be allowed. There is no date on these guidelines  being relaxed. 


With this in mind it has been suggested that prior to getting rid of any foodstuffs to a food bank that we ask any member whether they would like any of the current stock.


The current stock is as follows with descriptions and best before dates.

12 x 80 TBags BBE May 2023

3 x 2.61kg Tins of Rice pudding BBE March 2021

1x 2.5 kg Tin of Fruit Cocktail BBE 25/11/21

9 x 2.62kg tins of Baked Beans BBE May 2021

2 x 800g Skipjack Tuna in brine BBE May 2022

5 x  jars of Strawberry jam BBE May 2021

500g Table Salt no BBE.

Approx 1.5 litre of Branson Pickle BBE Jan 2021

5 x 90 g jars of coffee BBE May 2021


Over BBE date.


1 x 1.5 kg tin of peach slices BBE Aug 2020

2 x 2.15 litre of tomato and basil past sauce BBE 22/10/20

3  x 3kg bags of macaroni pasta BBE 7/4/20

5 x 1 litre bottles rapeseed oil BBE May 20

10 x 2 litre bottles of Coca Cola BBE Jan 20

6 x 2 litre bottles of Sprite BBE 30/11/19

3 x 2 litre of Dandelion and Burdock BBE May 2020

4 litre bottle opened Orange squash BBE Aug 2020

5 litre bottle Blackcurrent  squash BBE  Feb 2019

1.75 litre Orange Squash (double concentrate) BBE April 2020

pot of English Mustard BBE July 2020 

200g Gold Blend jar of Coffee BBE July 2019

9 x 4 packs of Tomato with croutons cuppa soup BBE Aug 2020

7 x 4 packs of Vegetable Soup BBE June 2020

2 x 3kg bags of fusilli pasta BBE Oct 2020.


If you want any of the above please let me know and it’ll be sorted getting it to you.

If I haven’t received any request from anyone before 31/12/20, then it’ll be assumed that no one wants it and it’ll be donated to a food bank that takes out of date stuff( they do exist)




John Whit🏴‍☠️









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