Current Newsletter (60)

Current Newsletter (60)
Current Newsletter (60)


Hope everyone is good at this time.


I wish to announce an "unprecedented" event (no not concerning the dreaded virus) an error by Pat Coulson, regarding the production of our famed newsletter, as below:

I have just posted the latest issue of the Irregulars' newsletter to members but there is a major error in that page 20 is duplicated on page 22.  My only excuse is that this lock-down must have addled my brain.  I didn't spot the mistake until too late as I had to use a different print business with no chance to view a proof before going to press. The correct page 22 is attached so at least you can see the photos.
Apologies and best wishes,
PS You may want to hang on to this issue in case it becomes a collector's item  - you know, a bit like Penny Blacks without the perforations or the Queen's head the wrong way round ;-)
PPS I think we can cut Pat some slack, as errors go its on the very lowest level of the Richter scale in the media world
The Irregulars LDWA -