Local Groups' Constitution consultation

Local Groups' Constitution consultation

The Irregulars LDWA

Local Groups’ Constitution

At the AGM in March 2023, the Irregulars’ members rejected the proposed new constitution, the contentious point being the section defining membership. The Committee proposed some revisions which were subsequently approved by the LDWA NEC. The Special General Meeting planned for 19th July 2023 to present the revised constitution to the membership had to be cancelled due to a procedural error.

However, the NEC has recently updated the byelaws of the LDWA and that means that all Group constitutions should follow the template suggested. We are invited to comment on this and I attach a copy of the email from Bill Milbourne (Secretary of the LDWA) and the pdf of the model constitution for your consideration. In a reversal of the previous practice, the Irregulars Committee wishes to consult widely and consider any general points which affect all members. It is particularly relevant in the membership section to look at the distinction between the full and associate members and their rights in relation to voting and holding office.

All submissions will be considered to develop an overall consensus view but of course we shall pass on to the NEC any comments on which there is no agreement. As there is a tight deadline, it will not be possible to respond to individual comments but we shall keep all of you informed as the process develops. Just for clarification, we are operating under the 2001 constitution at present.

I would be grateful if you would send me any comments by 7 September

email: secretary.theirregulars@ldwa.org.uk






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