Afoot in Two Dales

Afoot in Two Dales

The Irregulars LDWA

Emailing Issues and the Request for Volunteers

About three weeks ago an email was sent out requesting volunteers to assist with The Irregulars 50 mile challenge walk, Afoot in Two Dales which takes place over the weekend of 15/16 July 2023.

It has since become clear that there are issues with the email address and not all messages are getting through to me.  We have been unable to retrieve these missing emails. Therefore if you have messaged me and have not heard back from me please assume that it has been lost. The LDWA IT group have looked at the problem but I am not confident that it is totally resolved so do not use the address for responses to this message.

The event Afoot in Two Dales requires a lot of support from our members to make it a success. Thanks to all who have all volunteered but if you haven’t heard back from me and have some time over that weekend to marshal or help out somewhere, please contact me or phone 07748 181823.

It starts at 8:00am on Saturday 15th July and runs for 22 hours.

However, you may even want to join the current 146 entrants and walk the 50 miles yourself.

Entries are SiEntries


Jimmy Smith

The Irregulars LDWA -