Minutes from 11th Feb 2018

Marches LDWA

11th February Wem Scout Hut

Minutes 2018



Janet Pitt Lewis, Geoff Sproson, Jenny Winn, Jane Webb, Colin Petit, Mike Nurse, , Phil Clarke, Michael Cook, Ian Latham, Roger and Linda Michell, Mick Clayton, Helen Sutton



Neil Fullwood, Francoise Nurse, Dave Wright, Simon Beedles, Dave Clarke, Grant Wilson, Ian Prentice, Dave Nichols


1. Minutes 2017 read and approved.

Matters arising – Padded jackets are now available at £21 each and we have other merchandise including, sweat shirts, fleeces and aprons. These should be advertised on the website and facebook.

The donations to Holdgate Ladies, The Food Hub and the Parish Pathways (PP3), have not been paid.


2. Chair's report

Jenny reported on a year of successful walks and some great personal achievements by members.



4. Treasurers report :

Roger's reportt was read and accepted. Total assets as of December 2017 were £16962.3. A full accounts report is available.

Roger reiterated the need for a substantial buffer to protect against unforeseeable events such as foot and mouth epidemics.

The group was to fund a further round of First Aid training.

The need for committee officers insurance was discussed.


5. Secretary's report

Dave Wright had attended the group secretary's meeting at Hawes in Geoff's place.

The main points were:-


recognition that our local groups are the backbone of the LDWA and to protect and develop them.


preserve and enhance our Challenge Walks programme


raise profile of LDWA


acting to preserve & enhance the countryside and the preservation of public access to open country


recognition that the LDP data base is key area for recruitment and retention of members.

Geoff further reported that the website received 40+ visits per week, and that our facebook page had 48 members.



6. 2017 SSC

Jane reported on another successful events with only 13 no shows, thanks to her policy of reminding entrants to withdraw in advance.


7. 2017 WOW

Geoff reported that four human resources had not been sufficient to hold the event.


8. 2017 Tour de Marches

Phil reported on another successful event with a surplus of £1538. £250 had been spent to repair the notorious broken gates. The Firefighter charity had received £350 and Wistanstow Village Hall £850 from the surplus of the 2016 event.


9. 2017 Tinsel Trail

Despite a surge of entries on the day (50) the walk was well appreciated especially with the kindly weather. Dave Wright was congratulated and Ed Morris received recognition for guiding a partially sighted lady around the full route.


10. Elections

Jenny, Geoff and Roger all agreed to remain in post. There were no other candidates.


11. 2018 WOW

Geoff reported that the initial uptake was poor. Proposals to make the event more attractive icluded the use of flyers, creating a Shropshire triple Shropshire80K, WOW and Longmynd) Ian lathom offered his support for marshalling. A decision whether to run or not was to made at Easter.


12 The 2018 LDWA 100

The group had made no offer for CP support. Janet asked if there were any volunteers to help other groups.


14 Organisation of Challenge Walks

Geoff presented a pack for Check Point risk assessment


15. AOB

Congratulations to Phil Clarke and Ian Prentice on completing the 268 Spine race and to Jim and Zoe for completing 108 mile Challenge Event.


The newly established Telford 50 was now promoted on facebook.


Mike Nurse brought up issues with the Wet Flushes areas of the Longmynd. These areas are environmentally important for their rare plant species. It was suggested that the group needed an environmental policy on event routes passing to close to these and other other sensitive areas of Shropshire.



Geoff Sproson