On Sunday 19th August as we approached New Abbey the rain stopped and we never saw it again all day. Unfortunately it left Criffel shrouded in low cloud.

Seven Cumbrian members were joined by Una Courtney who very kindly helped Clare to lead the walk. Una was a Cumbrian group member until she moved house and has done the hundred a few times. Her brother Tom is also a regular on the 100!

Some of us set off in tee shirts and as it was so muggy the others soon joined us. We headed out of New Abbey and up to the Glen Burn which we could hear well before we saw it as it had rained heavily overnight. We then headed south slightly above Loch Kindar, on which we were able to look down onto, as we started climbing Criffel from the Eastern side. It was the steepest approach but a much drier one. Criffel did live up to its reputation boggy but not extremely so.

After a very hot climb we summited and found the trig point in the cloud. After admiring the splendid views of cloud we hastened to Knockendoch for coffee where we did get lovely views all round as the cloud had lifted. After this we were blessed with a sunny dry windless day.

We headed down to cross the Glen Burn again and after another sharp climb we arrived at the Waterloo monument in time for lunch and members were able to go up the monument if they wished. After heading down a fantastic newly laid path to Grasgowan and Maybie Forest where two members left us. The hardy six continued up through good forest tracks to Lochaber Loch which we didn’t actually see. It is completely surrounded by thick woods but we did offer to take the group up the Loch to the boat house where you can access the water. After leaving the Loch we headed West  down the track and a quiet road to cross the A710. After crossing  fields and gaining some height again we could see lovely views of Criffel and down onto the ruined Sweetheart Abbey which we came back through to end the walk.