AGM 2023


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Long Distance Walkers Association Cumbria Group held at 5pm on Sunday 19th November 2023 at the Lowther Castle Inn, Hackthorpe

This meeting had been rescheduled from 15th October, as the original meeting would not have been quorate.


Jim Crockett (Chair), Andy Armstrong (Walks Secretary), Tony Deall (Treasurer), Paul Glynn (Secretary), Pat Evans, Dave Evans, Clare Edgar, Barbara Young, Martyn Smith, Allan Ousby

In Attendance: Catherine Glynn (Wessex LDWA)

Welcome and Apologies

Jim welcomed everyone to what is the 35th annual general meeting of the Cumbria group. Apologies for absence were received from Trish Dunant, Debbie Thompson and Lucinda Weymouth.

Minutes of the last AGM (2022) and Matters Arising

These were published on 5th November 2022, circulated to the NEC and have been available on the Cumbria LDWA website for more than a year. However the minutes were not sent out to members prior to the 2023 AGM nor brought in paper form to this meeting and were therefore not discussed.

For the same reason there was no discussion regarding matters arising.

Action: The secretary will send out a copy of the 2022 minutes as soon as is practicable.

Chairman's report

This was Jim's third report as chairman, having been elected at the 2019 meeting.

Numbers on walks remains low despite 126 registered members.

Jim pointed out that the group is currently unable to run challenge events due to the small number of active members, and suggested that the best way forward is in partnership with the Lakeland group.

Jim would also like to see the reintroduction of weekends away, having organised five of these between 2012 and 2016.

Group Secretary's report

Membership remains low as mentioned in the chairman's report. The number of primary members is 10 less than last year even with the inclusion of 16 members who joined since the last AGM.

Communications received by the secretary during the year were summarized.

Regarding the Martyn Geaves legacy, Cumbria have given their support to a bid by the Northumbria group for funding for the Isaacs Tea Trail, part of which lies in Cumbria. The funding if approved would mainly be used for improvements to signage along this popular trail.

Earlier this year a new version of the model constitution was published. All 40+ local groups that comprise the LDWA should use this as the template for their own. Most changes from our current constitution are small, but there are some items that could be problematic for the Cumbria group. For example regarding AGMs, the current quorum is 6 persons whereas in the updated model it is 12 persons according to which the present meeting would not be allowable.

Action: Secretary to circulate updated model to Cumbria committee and decide on further steps.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) would like to see more GPX files of social walks uploaded. If you have any gpx files for Cumbria LDWA walks please send them to the group secretary and they can be uploaded to the national website.

The files form part of a database of walks accessible to members only and can be advertised as a benefit of LDWA membership.

The Cumbria LDWA Facebook page exists, updates are infrequent. Click on the link on the banner image at the top of any Cumbria LDWA web page to access. If you have photos or comments to share, please consider using it.

Walks Secretary's report

Andy reported on the various social walks that have taken place since the last AGM.

The group normally has one walk per month and there have been 12 such walks, with an extra walk of 50km in July. Due to the rescheduling of the 2023 AGM and its associated walk there was no walk in October this year.

There was one badge issued for a Helm-Wind (Cross Fell anytime challenge) completion.

Treasurer's report

Paper copies of the report were circulated.

There had been some issues with Barclay's bank during the year, but these have now been sorted. The report showed that the account was at 82% of the value that it had at the 2022 AGM.

Although ongoing expenditure is likely to be small, with no income from Challenge events or other funding, the amount in the account is expected to reduce further.

Charitable Donations

The members present decided to donate £50 to the North West Air Ambulance and a further £50 to Wasdale Mountain Rescue. Both organisations had been called to an incident involving one of our members earlier this year.

Quartermaster's report

A paper report showing equipment held by the group was circulated.

The equipment officer reminded the group that consideration should be given to long-term storage of these items. It was suggested by those present that items be offered (for a donation) to other LDWA groups who hold challenge events.

Action: Secretary to contact a local group

Election of Officers

The committee members each confirmed that they would be willing to serve in their current capacity for another year. The following officers were therefore elected:

Jim Crockett (Chairman and Quartermaster), Andy Armstrong (Walks Secretary), Tony Deall (Treasurer), Paul Glynn (Secretary)

Anytime Challenges

There was one claim for a Helm-Wind walk completion as mentioned above.

The Secretary is working on a challenge event for the summer of 2024, more details soon. This would have a start and finish in St Bees and would offer two distances, 30 miles/50km and 19 miles/30Km with a Marshalls' walk prior to the event.

Action: Secretary to draft a plan and circulate.

Cumbria group's relationship to the National Organisation

The new model constitution was discussed earlier so was not discussed at this point.

The secretary asked if the Cumbria should be promoted more, and there was no objection to this idea.

Any Other Business

Interest was expressed from those present in helping out in future LDWA 100 events.

This could be on a group or individual basis.

Action: Secretary to contact Speyside (2024) and East Anglia (2025) organisers to see if help is required

Date of next meeting

The 2024 AGM will be held on Sunday 27th October 2024, venue and time of day to be decided.

With no further business the meeting was closed at 17:52


Individual reports can be found at the links below: