TIME FOR TEA - MARK 5 - 12.7.09


Only seven started this 20+ miler from Brampton and that included leader Paul, potential new member Louise and guest John from Tyneside. Perhaps the rest of the Group were still full after last year’s cream tea! Amazingly Paul was able to treat us to another new walk in and out of Brampton for the fifth year running. Last seen he was muttering about getting the maps out for next year!

Showers were forecast and the day was cool though the initial route South along the River Gelt to Greenwell was dry and pleasant. After turning East through Talkin the first rain arrived at coffee time and jackets were donned prior to the long slog under Talkin Fell, past ruinous Gairs and up onto Cold Fell. At 621 metres Cold Fell is the last major elevation on the Pennines before dropping down to the A69 and Hadrian’s Wall country.

It was decided to stop for lunch in the summit shelter and enjoy the slightly misty and intermittent view. Packing up, unfortunately, coincided with the heaviest shower of the day and plummeting temperatures; leaving us in no doubt about the aptness of the hill’s name. As always moving on and losing altitude soon warmed up cold extremities as we descended North before circumnavigating Tindale Tarn to start the long slog home into the wind.

The return was enlivened by passing through several small villages such as Hallbankgate and Milton before employing a circuitous route back into Brampton through woods and fields eventually scuttling into the town via its unguarded rear. Thence to Irving Park and another of Mary’s peerless Cream Teas much to the surprise of our guests who thought we were headed for the local tea shop! For the record and so that future absentees know what they are missing, there are four varieties of home-made jam – Redcurrant, Strawberry, Plum and Rhubarb & Ginger!!