Our November walk consisted of five hardy Cumbria members plus one visitor,Trish Dunant. We met on the edge of Kershope Forest in bright sunshine and clear skies which stayed with us all day. Clare Edgar led the walk assisted by Andy Armstrong who wanted to "bag" the Marilyn - Sighty Crag.

We set off on good well used vehicular forest tracks through the felled forest up to the base of the final ascent of  Christianbury Crags. Here we were able to use the forest track between the trees almost to the top of the crags (the actual track was incredibly boggy!)

Once on the top of Christanbury we set off cross country for Burnt Tom Crags which we aptly named "Trish's Trudge" through peat hags, bogs and heather to arrive exhausted at the top of Sighty Crag for lunch in the sun. We agreed unanimously we need never visit them again after our arduous trek!!

Our paths to Crew Castle were a lot better as we managed to find traces of tracks which we  followed via Black Stantling, Long Crag and underneath Crew Crag. We arrived at the remnants of Crew Castle and proceeded through the farmyard to follow minor roads to arrive back to the cars having completed 16.7 miles of a very challenging route.

Thanks to all who trudged!!