What's next then?

There was a good attendance of ten members and two visitors who were welcomed by leader, Clare, at Castle Carrock in the pouring rain.The start was up a very muddy lonnen, a good induction to the very wet terrain that was to follow!
We went up through heather and bog to the first cairn which was invisible until we got close with the mist way down. We then went along the top of Castle Carrock and Cumrew Fell, dropping down slightly on our way to visit Cardunneth Pike.
It was still raining by coffee break which we had in the shooting lodge above Newbiggin. After coffee we dropped down to cross what is usually a small stream but then in spate and a bit tricky as we had to scramble across a wobbly fence!
As we approached Croglin the rain eased and eventually stopped. Lunch was eaten by the swollen beck in Newbiggin either in the bus shelter or outside on a well placed bench.
We then went back to our starting point via Cumrew and the  Castle Carrock reservoir.
A total of 17.5 miles which was a good effort by everyone  for turning up on such a miserable dark, wet morning.

Thanks to all for supporting me,


It's nicer out here...and here