Leader Andy reports -

Ten members departed Alston at the appointed time (0900) heading South along the Pennine Way to Garrigill from where the South Tyne trail was followed to Ashgill Force.

A short break enabled the behind the waterfall experience to be had before all ten scrambled through the cave and up onto the B6277 road at Ashgill farm, leaving the road the C2C route was followed to the highest point of the day before dropping down to Nenthead mines. On arriving here it turned out that they were having an “open day” so we were able to see parts that are not normally open. Some refreshments and books were purchased to support their efforts in keeping this attraction open, before walking a small distance to our “dinner table” for our official lunch.

Suitably refreshed we continued in the sunshine along Isaac’s tea trail passing the model village and several old mine workings and a shaft above the Nent Force level.

At Blagill it was decided that instead of descending to the river Nent and following the official tea trail a bridleway to Gossipgate bridge would be followed instead. This turned out to be a good choice as it gave us good extensive views and it was also better underfoot than the riverside trail. (Surely Isaac went this way as it passes some habitations as opposed to the riverside route which passes none!)

After arriving at  Gossipgate bridge and viewing Seven sisters waterfall it was just a short walk back into Alston, arriving back at the cars at 1555.

Distance 16 miles, the weather had remained good throughout the walk.