Dawn broke over Derwent Water on a dreich, dark, dank December day.  In the car park at Portinscale (Grid Reference NY 252230) eight brave Cumbrian warriors (aka walkers) left the safe, comfy environment of their chariots (cars to the non-LDWA fraternity) and started a six and half hour walk in incessant rain.  They aquaplaned to Nichol End, Hawse End and then Catbells Terrace, where there was at least a view of the lake looking suitably gloomy.  From the Terrace it was down to Grange and then the Cumbria Way to Rosthwaite, plodging through the puddles.  Time for a morning break in the shelter at the bus stop - thankfully no bus arrived to tempt the warriors with a quick return to the car park!  A cardiovascular upstream assault took the team to Watendlath and the watery path to Ashness Wood.  Spirits remained strong as the Weather Gods opened the valve further on the cold water sprinkler.  Time for lunch but the LDWA aficionados were not prepared to sit down anywhere, a detailed search revealed a holly tree to shelter under!  It was sheer luxury, damp sandwiches washed down with coffee.


Off to another classic beauty spot, Ashness Bridge.  Landscape appreciation meters were reading low so it was down to the road by the lake where other humans were spotted, so we were not alone!  Friar’s Crag was within snorkelling distance and then the mighty metropolis of Keswick.  It was relatively quiet, the Weather Gods had defeated the outdoor gear tifosi on the Christmas home straight.  The warriors drifted through town and back to Portinscale via the ‘bouncy bridge’.  Any thought of a swift ale at a local ‘den of iniquity’ was banished as the warriors squelched into their chariots and headed off to the nirvana of dry and warmth.  It was already starting to get dark.  Another character building day to savour and review.  Was it really that wet?  It certainly was!