AGM WALK - 19.10.14

Tradition has it that the Weather Gods do not look kindly on the walk that precedes the AGM of the Cumbria LDWA.  Early on Sunday 19 October 2014 six Cumbrian warriors (aka walkers) donned their swords and shields (well at least boots and waterproofs) and met at the Youth Hostel car park just beyond Old Water View, Patterdale (Grid Reference NY 398156).  Other warriors had pledged their support to the cause but had succumbed to those Old Devils called Dry and Warmth.  The warriors had a cunning plan to appease the Weather Gods by joining together two Patterdale classics: (i) Place Fell; and (ii) the Grisedale Valley.  The Gods were not impressed and retaliated with strong wind, incessant rain and flooding of paths.  It would appear that someone in Egypt had made a prior booking for the plague of locusts!


The warriors set off and reached Boredale Hause.  They looked up at Place Fell.  The Gods said thou shalt not climb Place Fell on this Sabbath.  The warriors were happy to obey and sloped off down to Boredale, sneaking past anything remotely high to reach the Ullswater lakeside path.  They contoured around the base of Silver Crag to Side Farm, then back into Patterdale at the George Starkey Climbing Hut.  The warriors sought sanctuary and found it in the porch of St Patrick’s Church, where they practiced that ancient LDWA ritual of fortifying themselves with sandwiches and coffee.


Would the rain ease off in the afternoon asked the warriors as they set off for Ruthwaite Lodge via the north side of Grisedale Beck.  Certainly not replied the Weather Gods!  Ruthwaite Lodge stands at 380 metres, not particularly impressive normally, but impenetrable on this Sunday as the strong wind made the warriors wimp out at the bridge (an altitude of 320 metres) just below the Lodge and return to Patterdale via the south side of Grisedale Beck and then on to Old Water View for the AGM and evening meal.  The warriors squelched into the hotel to see other members of the Cumbria LDWA sitting in comfy chairs - warm, dry and with alcoholic beverages in their hands!  Thankfully the warriors had brought a change of clothing in their chariots (cars, as some people call them).  The six spartans donned their DJs and party frocks and thoroughly enjoyed the AGM and magnificent evening meal.  How will it be in 2015?