LEADER DEREK - hard to see what he's looking so happy about!

Beefy showers from the outset ensured that all ten starters left Caldbeck wearing full weather protection. Guests included regulars Dennis and Martyn and we were also joined by newbie Katie from Whitehaven who reduced the average age by a goodly amount! It was also good to see the return of Ian, now fully recovered from his injuries.

The precipitation manifested itself as hail showers as we struggled south onto High Pike into the prevailing wind. After regrouping the party sloshed through the bogs onto Carrock Fell and enjoyed a brief coffee stop under the summit.
The steep descent to the road above Mosedale was enlivened by a hurtling boulder which threatened to take out leader Derek as well as several other distinguished members. Back marker Barrie, nursing a lacerated elbow suffered on the greasy rocks, claimed it as an Act of God!

From Mosedale the return was low level with rain at times and increasing wind to counterpoint muddy fields and slippery stiles. The slightly shortened route shadowed the swollen River Caldew via little used paths and back roads past Hutton Roof and High Row before lunching near (not at) Haltcliff Hall. After crossing the river again at Millhouse an interesting lane lead into Hesket Newmarket where the Crown Inn was sadly ignored in favour of a riverside return. The Caldew was finally left before crossing and following the fine Cald Beck which lead unerringly back to the start point.

Muddier but wiser, all adjourned to the aptly named Oddfellows Arms where Katie no doubt mused about the wisdom of spending her day in the company of nine strange old(er) men! Derek was congratulated on the quality of the walk – usual c**p weather but at least it was still daylight at the end!


1. HIGH PIKE - just a walk in the park! 2. CARROCK FELL - am I REALLY here with all these geezers?! 3. A BLEAK HOUSE! 4. DO I SUIT THIS STILE ? 5. THE CALD BECK NEAR HESKET NEWMARKET