New Greenway proposal near Brighouse

New Greenway proposal near Brighouse
New Greenway proposal near Brighouse

Hi Calderdale members

I hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather, as restrictions are being lifted we hope you are starting to get out walking, we will be planning a meeting in August details to follow in the next few days.


I have beenn asked by Kevin Thomas to circulate the email below for your attention :-

There is a proposal for a new Greenway along the unused railway track between Norwood Green and Brighouse. I have produced a blurb to encourage people to support the proposal, which may be something other Calderdale LDWA members might be interested in doing.  Is it possible to circulate this around the group? The more supportive comments, the more likely this is to happen. 
Kevin Thomas
New Greenway proposal – Pickle Bridge (Norwood Green) to Brighouse
Following earlier consultations about travel improvements for the Bradford – Huddersfield corridor (A641) the latest plans include a proposed new ‘Pickle Bridge Greenway’ for cyclists and walkers using the old track-bed of the disused (except by walkers) railway line. This proposal came out of suggestions for improvements for walking and cycling made in the first round, so it looks like they are actually listening to the comments being made.
At present none of this old line is officially public right of way (although many walkers use some of it) and the proposals, if implemented, would invest a lot of money in making it much more attractive, safe and usable. The plan is to create an access ramp at the Pickle Bridge end (near Norwood Green and the A58) and use all the old remaining railway infrastructure as far as Brighouse centre, in a similar way that many other old railway tracks have been converted across the UK.
You can see the proposals at You will need to download the many section maps to make sense of it all. You can make comments at the same website.  The important sections for the Greenway are from map A11 (the access ramp at the top end),  B1 to B5 and C6 (meeting the Wakefield Road, potentially linking to the Calderdale Greenway – not mentioned in the proposals).
There are many other detailed proposals to improve walking and cycling in the corridor, not just the Greenway, but that is the big one. So far they have been listening so it is worth making comments (just liking this post won’t help!). To support the Pickle Bridge Greenway plan go to
Calderdale LDWA -