Calderdale LDWA committee meeting

Calderdale LDWA committee meeting
Calderdale LDWA committee meeting

Calderdale LDWA committee meeting dated Tues 20 April at 7pm via Zoom 



Jane, Geoff, Stephen, Sandy and Paula, Ian, Kevin, Anne, Karen





Welfare check 

Jane, chair completed a welfare check to establish how everyone was following the long period of covid restrictions, she then went on to explain the purpose of the meeting, which was to consider how members felt about leading or joining group walks now that restrictions are becoming less prescriptive and groups can start to walk together again.



Jane went through each area of the information as per the agenda:-

Government guidance states:-


  • We can meet and groups of 30 can walk together, there are restrictions any group of over 6 people require the leader to provide a register with names and LDWA numbers and an ICE number as well as a risk assessment of the walk.


  • All LDWA walks have to be on the website however walkers wishing to join will need to book a place with the leader and they will then be given full details of the walk, eg start time and exact venue, which will not be on the website.


  • Walk leaders need to consider how many walkers they are prepared to take and walkers need to be prepared to carry their own sanitizer, walkers choose if they want gloves and mask.


  • ALL walkers are asked to respect everyone's safety and keep to the suggested 2-meter distance, before, during and after the walk. It is suggested that one person opens gates and then allows others to go through before closing the gate. 


  • The risk assessment needs to be completed in advance by the leader after they have reccied the walk and then sent after the walk to Stephen walks secretary. It was agreed the risk assessment is not as daunting as it sounds but does require some thought.


  • Walk leaders are also asked to brief the group at the start of the walk and a copy of the register and risk assessment must be carried during the walk in case the group is challenged by anyone asking why a group of people are walking.


Jane discussed the fact that there had been two workshops organised by the NEC which highlighted the above, she added that there were further procedures to follow if someone established they have covid after a walk, so that all walkers can obtain a test.


All participants were asked if in light of the above information they would be prepared to attend a group walk and or whether they were prepared to lead a walk with the procedures in pace. All members at the meeting were prepared to start walking as a group again and the majority were prepared to consider leading a walk as well.


It was agreed if anyone wanted to lead a walk they should provide Stephen with the details eg date, area and how many walkers they are prepared to be responsible for and contact details of the leader, walkers should then contact the leader in good time to book their place at this stage they would be given fuller details of start time and venue to meet, this is hoped will reduce the risk of walkers arriving without being booked on a walk.


Consideration was given as to whether to start our walks again with slightly shorter walks maybe 15 -20 miles.


Kevin started to tell us about a system that the Hudds Ramblers use for organising and booking on walks, however we were uncertain how this system could walk for the LDWA.


The Zoom session time was running very low, so everyone was asked to consider their plans for future walks and provide details to Stephen. As the Zoom session Zoomed out I sent an email out to participants to suggest another meeting dated 18-5-21


Any other business 


Next meeting 

 Tuesday 18-5-21 at 7pm via Zoom


Please note if you wish to attend this meeting you must email Jane Guest no later than Sunday 16-5-21 and she will then email you the Zoom invite in time for Tuesday.


Thanking you all

Karen Nash

Calderdale LDWA secretary

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