Calderdale meeting 17th September

Calderdale meeting 17th September
Calderdale meeting 17th September

Hi Calderdale members,

Ihope you are all keeoing well

please find attached meeting minutes following government guidance, LDWA guidance and Calde5dale LDWAs views


Calderdale LDWA meeting dated 17th September 2020 at 7pm at

The Drop Inn, 12 Elland Lane, HX5 9DU

The Committee decided to meet to consider views in respect of leading walks for Calderdale LDWA

Due to the government restrictions the meeting attendees were by invitation only so as not to exceed the ‘rule of six’ members of the committee and Calderdale walk leaders were only invited

The current government guidance is that only six people can meet inside or outside however it appears that the LDWA have talked with Sport England and been informed that the LDWA is exempt from this rule and states up to 30 people can meet to walk, as long as guidelines and risk assessments are followed and that the leader is responsible for the risk assessment and ensuring guidelines are followed prior, during and after a group walk.

This group was asked to consider the following:-

  1. How are members feeling and coping since lockdown and have people been able to walk?
  2. Are Calderdale members prepared to lead a walk during these uncertain times?
  3. Are Calderdale members prepared to lead a walk of six walkers this includes the walk leader, a register would be required as usual?
  4. Are Calderdale members willing to lead a walk with over six people and ensure that they complete a risk assessment and ensure that all walkers adhere to safety guidelines’ (a big responsibility)
  5. Should Calderdale organise friendship walks and keep to the government ‘rule of six’
  6. If we are prepared to lead walks of six or more, where should we be advertising them, as if they are put on the main LDWA site it is difficult to keep numbers to a minimum?
  7. Should we be only advertising on Calderdale’s website?
  8. If we agree that we only want a maximum of six walkers does it need to be by invitation or first come first served basis, meaning details of walks could not be published but provided if a walker contacts the leader?
  9. Any other questions


Jane Guest, Chair

Karen Nash Secretary

Stephen Walker, walk secretary

Judith Walker

Geoff Barnes, valued member and a walk leader



Anne Webb, Treasurer

The group confirmed that currently they were all well and were managing to enjoy some walks albeit alone or in very small social groups.

The group discussed the issue of whether they were prepared to lead a walk for the LDWA firstly as a group of six, as per the ‘rule of six’ government guidelines or whether they as walk leaders were prepared to accept that sport England have said walks of up to 30 people can walk as long as a risk assessment, walk register and guidelines are followed. The group was provided copies of the risk assessment and although this is not lengthy or particularly difficult it does put the responsibility on the walk leader.

Calderdale walk leaders believe that if the guidance was all followed correctly walks would lose their social feel as keeping 2 metres apart and wiping stiles, or ensuring everyone has gloves and a mask felt unsociable and uncomfortable.

The group were unanimous in their agreement that none would want to be responsible for a large group of walkers or be responsible to ensuring they all adhered to guidance and social distancing.

The group was asked if they were prepared to lead a walk for a smaller group, for example up to 6 walkers which would mean the leader and 5 others, again this was discussed at length and it was felt that organising these walks as a LDWA event would still cause problems, for example advertising the walks on the website could result in walkers arriving or if no start details then walkers may have to be turned away over the phone.  Again no one wanted to be responsible for taking a call and saying a walker cannot walk with the group. The group agreed that walks are social events and the social side of the walks would be destroyed if we have to pick and choose who can and cannot walk.

The group were more comfortable keeping walking groups to a minimum and arranging friendship walks between themselves which would remain as no more than six as per the ‘rule of six’ government guidelines and that walkers would arrange these as they would arrange a shopping trip.

It must be made clear that these walks would be friendship walks, not under the auspices of the LDWA and each friend walking would be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others as they would if they went shopping or out for a social drink.

Stephen agreed to email leaders who had already agreed to lead walks in the future and establish if they would like to arrange a walk with friends.

We were all fully aware that the government guidance is changing all the time and the pandemic appears to be escalating again so all walkers need to be mindful of changes to remain safe and within government restrictions at all times

Calderdale LDWA will not be leading or advertising any LDWA walks at this time and it was agreed to reconsider the situation in early December and make decisions based on the situation.

May the committee take this opportunity to thank those who attended the meeting and ask all our fellow walkers to keep safe and try to keep walking when you can.

Kindest regards

Karen Nash, Calderdale LDWA, secretary

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