Meeting minutes from 19-11-19

Meeting minutes from 19-11-19
Meeting minutes from 19-11-19

Meeting minutes from 19-11-19


Paula Pickersgill

Sandy Gee

Geoff Barnes

Alan Greenwood

Stephen Walker

Jane Guest

Anne Webb

Karen Nash



Alan Duncan

Ian Vickerage

Roger Helwell

Judith Walker


Minutes of previous meeting;-




There is £5129 in the account and £510 in the deposit account

The transfer of account signatures has proved difficult due to all previous signatories changing at one time, this is on-going an now requires signatures from Alan and Ian, before the process can continue. 



We talked about the proposed Calderdale Way walk planned for a weekend in July 2020, and agreed that we would offer this to Calderdale members and also to walk leaders from other groups who have kindly lead walks for Calderdale. Agreed to put planning of the Calderdale Way weekend on the next agenda under walks.

Alan requested that it be minuted that he was invited to stay over and enjoy the event even if he does not walk the Calderdale, this was agreed by all.

There are more walks in the walk schedule with Calderdale leaders and leaders from other groups, it is clear that Calderdale is starting to develop an improved reputation. Stephen  said that Calderdale used to have a reputation for fast walks, we all agreed that the walks offered now are of a moderate pace and this needs to continue to ensure walkers realise that Calderdale is able to offer walks for everyone. 

Stephen also said he would be away between 12th -26th January so will send an email to all asking for any walks to be sent to him prior to him going away. Karen, Jane, Sandy and Paula and Anne all agreed to lead walks fr the next period. Walks need to be considered for May, June, July and August 2020

Karen to check and send photos of walks to Sandy

Sandy to add a comment on the forum to explain that emails to some members are going directly to their 'trash' and so not being seen or read. 

Sandy and Paula talked about the group weekend that they attended on behalf of the Calderdale group, there were many issues to consider for example:-

  • How groups support groups who are organising a 100 and a discussion about whether people should be paid for their services or not. 
  • Updating the global IT system for the LDWA organisation, this will understandable cost a lot of money and time to accomplish. Cost considered was around £120000 and there was discussion about how the money could be raised. suggestions were using group savings, charging more money to non members, 

Jane asked if it had been considered to change the LDWA from a Ltd company to a charitable status would release funds. Alan asked how often Pacer was used as this is expensive, it appears this is used at challenge events. 

We talked about why the website is outdated and considered that young people are more pro-active at updating systems and there needs to be people who know what they want to achieve to help the design of the website. 

Karen agreed to send an email to group members to enable them to send there views on the most pertinent areas of discussion. Agreed to discuss further at the next meeting. 

Also required are register for group walks to continue, a Data protection officer to be appointed, Sandy to consider this role, a Safeguarding officer to be appointed, Karen to consider this. Sandy advised there is a tool kit on line to explain policies and procedures, Karen and Sandy to look at these at the specific roles required. 

The LDWA are provided membership cards with a space for ICE contacts, walkers need to complete and carry these on walks to aid helping them if they get into difficulties. 

T-shirts, Anne brought in samples of t-shirts and Paula provided her support, for the design, group members ordered t-shirts they wanted. 

Any other business, Karen showed the group a poster she has designed to advertise Calderdale LDWA which could be put in liberies, and areas such as Marsden o doctors surgeries where potential walkers may see it. Jane agreed to research local ramblers groups so that they can also have a poster. 

Consideration to frequency of meetings as some members want more frequent meetings


Next meeting agreed Tuesday 28th January 2020, which will include the AGM to be held at the Drop Inn, 12 Elland Lane, Elland, HX5 9DU








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