Calderdale LDWA meeting dated 27th August 2019

Calderdale LDWA meeting dated 27th August 2019
Calderdale LDWA meeting dated 27th August 2019

Please find attached Calderdale LDWA meeting minutes dated 27th August 2019, any queries please email Karen, secretary

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on 19th November, 7pm at The Drop Inn, Elland

kind regards Karen


Calderdale LDWA

Committee Meeting dated 27th August 2019



Jane Guest

Karen Nash

Geoff Barnes

Stephen Walker

Judith Walker

Sarah Stewart

Alan Dugan

Alan Greenwood

Paula Pickersgill

Sandy Gee

Anne Webb


Apologies:-   Carol, Nigel and Carolyn, Kingsley

Minutes from last meeting dated 16th April 2019:-

Jane Guest thanked all members for attending and asked if previous minutes had been seen and agreed. Meeting minutes agreed by those who have read them, Stephen and Sandy were not certain if they had seen them or not and were asked to check and let Karen know so that all other minutes were received.


Anne, treasurer has completed mandate forms to enable the names of signatories to change with the bank, however as all signatories are to change the bank require further prove of identity from the new signatories, Anne will sort this out and ensure each new signatory knows what is expected of them.

At the previous meeting the group was asked to consider what they thought should happen to the money which Calderdale have in the bank.



Jane read out an email received from ‘Kingsley’

Kingsley responded by email, (unable to attend the meeting tonight), Kingsley feels that the money held in the bank should be used to fund an event that will promote Calderdale LDWA.

It was agreed that an event could be considered in the future, however it is also very clear that events need a lot of dedication, time and people to ensure their success.


Stephen suggested having T-shirts or Sweat-shirts with the Calderdale logo on which would help to raise the profile of the Calderdale group when out at different events.

Paula agreed with this idea and has access to facilities to make these, Anne also had contacts that could be considered for T-shirts. Alan said that there was already a logo which had been used for previous events such as the Moors the Meander.  Paula agreed to ascertain prices and bring to the next meeting.

There was some brief discussion about a base colour for T-shirts or Sweat-shirts and a common suggestion was yellow or Olive green to match the Calderdale current logo and also be different from other groups. 

When considering cost Sarah thought T-shirts and or Sweat-shirts were a good idea however thought that the cost of these to members should be subsidised this was seconded by Stephen.

Karen suggested another way of spending some of the money whilst also attempting to bring the Calderdale group together. The suggestion was to walk the Calderdale Way over two days of a weekend in between the middle and end of June 2020 and stay in a hostel/bunk barn mid way for example Todmorden. All food and cost of accommodation could be funded by the available monies, but most importantly it may bring the Calderdale members together.

Karen agreed to send an email to all 66 members and ask for their views and whether they would be interested in the idea.

Roger suggested giving some money to CROW to help improve local footpaths, Alan felt that Calderdale had given a lot of money in the past to CROW and agreed with Sarah who thought if we were giving money to CROW we should wait until we have organised our next challenge event.

Alan talked about the weekends away which the group have enjoyed in the past, Alan believes this a good way of getting members together and the trip could be part funded by Calderdale funds.

The groups need to think about these ideas and share their views at the next meeting


Focus group:-

Karen explained that Graham Smith editor of Strider has said that he is willing to dedicate a page in the December Strider as a focus on Calderdale LDWA, this requires a 500 word write up and pictures. Karen provided the group with a draft 500 word write up and agreed to send members of the meeting a hard copy.

There were some suggestions; Geoff thought maybe the focus should be more on Calderdale group which should be the start of the document. Other suggestions were to focus more on up to date events such as the TV series of Gentlemen Jack and the improvements to the Peace hall. The importance and accessibility of Calderdale with its many train stations and easy access to other area such as Kirklees, Rochdale and Oldham.

If was also mentioned that the ‘Hebden’ has not ceased as suggested in the draft but it has changed.

Karen agreed to email a copy of the draft to all members of the meeting and requested any, views, suggestion or ideas to be sent by mail and then a final copy will be sent using suggestion, ideas and views.


Anyone willing to lead a walk for Calderdale needs to provide Stephen with the details by mid September, this covers walks for January-March 2020.

Jane agreed she would lead a joint walk with Vermoyden, the Colne Valley Circular

Roger will organise a 15 mile walk

Jane will add a walk

Karen will add a walk

Ian Hull, lead an excellent walk for Calderdale on 17th August which proved that he is capable of being flexible and accommodating for any group, we agreed we will ask Ian to lead another walk for Calderdale.

Karen also reminded members, that a walk register needs to be competed at the beginning of all walks and if someone needs a form to contact Karen who will email one if she is not attending the walk.

Karen suggested that in the summer it might be nice to complete the Kirklees Way or/and the Bronte Way over a series of Saturdays, this is something that could be organised using public transport as they are linier walks.

Sarah asked if we completed walk reports or added photos following walks. Sandy stated that he has experienced some difficulties with uploading photos but they are now available. We agreed walk reports might be a good idea.

Any other business:-

Karen said that Julie Cribb needed to know the date of our next AGM and also wants to ensure that only three people have access to all email addresses.

Agreed AGM 11th February 2020

The group were asked if anyone was interested in the walk secretaries’ weekend in November 2019, after some discussion Sandy and Paula said they would be interested in attending the event.

Consideration as to who might attend the AGM (main LDWA) in March 2020 to be considered.

Karen shared with the group that West Yorkshire were trying to put on a First Aid in the field training day and asked if anyone was interested in attending, Karen and Anne were interested and after discussion it was agreed that this could be paid for out of Calderdale funds.

The group were asked to consider a Christmas walk/meal maybe to be held in January 2020.

Stephen is going to be away on holidays for the middle two weeks of January and has suggested that Karen add the walks for that Strider, Karen agreed as long as Stephen shows her what to do.

Alan felt that meetings should be more frequent as there appears to be a lot of enthusiasm within the group he suggested monthly meetings, after some discussion we agreed that every two months until the AGM and then consider again whether members wanted monthly meetings.

Next Meeting:-

Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 7.00pm at The Last Drop Inn,12 Elland Lane, Elland HX5 9DU. (Any agenda items that you wish to add, please email Karen by 11th November 2019)


AGM 11th February 2020 7.00pm at The Last Drop Inn,12 Elland Lane, Elland HX5 9DU







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