Calderdale LDWA meeting minutes dated 16th April 2019

Calderdale LDWA meeting minutes dated 16th April 2019
Calderdale LDWA meeting minutes dated 16th April 2019

Hi all, please find the minutes for the Calderdale LDWA committee  meeting dated 16th April 2019:-


Calderdale LDWA

Committee Meeting dated 16th April 2019



Jane Guest

Karen Nash

Geoff Barnes

Stephen Walker

Sarah S

Alan Dunegan

Alan Greenwood

Kevin Thomas

Paula Pickersgill

Sandy Gee

Nigel Boumont

Anne Webb


Apologies:-   None

Jane Guest, chair asked everyone to introduce themselves.

The group then considered an email received from Kevin Thomas where he expressed concern that walk planning often results in walks being put in Strider at the same time as others, after some discussion it was agreed that it would be difficult to put on a walk when no other local group is, however consideration will be given to challenge events.

There was discussion about trying to ensure Calderdale has regular walks in Strider, and the group was provided with a prepared sheet with the details required for a walk and asked to consider if they could offer a walk and let Stephen Walker, walk co-ordinate know by the third week in May to ensure that they are entered into the August-December Strider.

Alan Greenwood wanted to clarify that his and Nigel’s status within the group was that they had only resigned as Chair and Treasurer, but were still members of the LDWA, it was acknowledged that this was the case and that both were welcome on all walks and to attend meetings.

We then discussed the Website which it was agreed needs to be updated, the new officers are already on the Website with the exception of Stephen Walker, who has now given his consent to have his details added to the website.

Sandy Gee has agreed to look at putting photos of walks on the website which may help to encourage new walkers and existing walkers to want to walk with Calderdale, so please take photos and send to Sandy.


Alan Greenwood has provided paperwork from the last few years detailing the group’s financial situation and other secretarial documents. Anne Webb, new treasurer will deal with financial issues. It appears that the group has a large amount of money, in the region of about £5000 and the group was asked to consider by the next meeting what they thought should happen to the money. They could consider specific charities that would benefit from financial support.

Alan Greenwood suggested that maybe Calderdale should consider another challenge event in the future, he suggested, Moors the Merrier, Karen said that they had considered this and also thought maybe the Black Brook which again is a local challenge event which was run by the Irregulars, the group was asked to think about this and maybe keep the idea of another challenge event on the agenda.

Any other business:-

The group considered the frequency, venue and need for group meetings, after some discussion it was agreed that meetings could be every quarter, the next being in August, it was agreed that the venue would be changed in an attempt to be more central for people attending, it would remain as Tuesday evening at 7.00pm.


Next Meeting:-

Tuesday 27th August at 7.00pm at The Last Drop Inn,12 Elland Lane, Elland HX5 9DU. 

 (This is a real Ale pub with a separate room and bar)

(Any agenda items that you wish to add, please email Karen by 20th August)


Kind regards



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