Calderdale meeting minutes dated 2-11-21

Calderdale meeting minutes dated 2-11-21
Calderdale meeting minutes dated 2-11-21

Calderdale LDWA meeting dated 2-11-21


Karen Nash

Paul Fountain

Paula Pickersgill

Sandy Gee

Stephen Walker



Jane Guest

Anne Webb

Geoff Barnes

Ian Vickerage


Minutes from the last meeting 

Paula brought two different designs of cards she has developed to be given out to running clubs, libraries and local shops, Paula will try and find someone to make the cards and obtain prices for the next meeting.

Sandy has offered to support Calderdale by offering his services as a treasurer if required  in the future.

There is a planned groups weekend designed to support committee members, Karen and Jane have agreed to attend this weekend and agreed that we need to talk about how we can encourage new members whilst also being assured we are aware of new members when they join. Karen has checked the list and found there have been 9 new members over the past two years which we did not know about. Karen has emailed these new members and 3 have responded. We agreed it is important to welcome new members and help to make them feel comfortable meeting for a walk with our group. At the weekend Karen will talk to Julie Warman and request we are informed if new members join Calderdale. 

We considered thoughts about Calderdale participating in the LDWAs 50th anniversary next year and considered what Calderdale would like to do and whether we should consider merging with another group. Following discussions it was very clear that the members did not want to merge and felt Calderdale needed to do their own walk. We considered a variety of options to represent Calderdale such as the Calderdale way, the Hebden, Aiggin Stone, Moors the merrier or the Todmorden centenary way, the overall consensus was the Aiggin Stone. 

We talked about walks and Karen expressed her concern that after the last meeting we agreed to try some shorter walks in an attempt to bring back walkers who may have struggled during to the pandemic or to also encourage new walkers. Karen put on a 15 mile walk and only one person attended this was disappointing. Karen did establish that she had not actually sent the reminder email about the walk although the walk was on the website.

Stephen stated that there are 4 walks planned, Sandy is leading one on November 27, Jane is planning one on in December and Roger has two planned for early next year. We agreed that although we are planning some shorter walks we also need long distance walks and possible mid week walks so that we can show we are adaptable for all types of walkers. Stephen was anxious that he can walk long distance but may be slower than some may like, we all agreed that long distance walking should not be about speed and that if we consider diversity we need to be able to meet everyone's needs who come on a walk with us. 

We talked about the members view about Calderdale putting om a challenge event, it was understandably thought to be too soon as there are only a small number of active members, however consideration of a challenge event should remain in the agenda, discussion agreed that we could consider Ell- And-Back which was a walk put on by the Round table in the past, this is in Calderdale and a popular choice. 

Members were asked if they wanted Calderdale to continue or consider merging, Paul was very keen to keep Calderdale independent, he agreed with the idea of cards and posters and thought the t-shirts were a good idea, although we were reminded that the original plan was that the t-shirts would be provided out of Calderdale funds and that consideration should be given to reimbursing those who bought t-shirts. All agreed that they wanted Calderdale to continue and did not feel it appropriate to merge with another group as Calderdale would loose its identity. 

We talked about spending some of the monies in the bank, there was a long conversation about what members thought and it was agreed that we should give some monies to charity, including Mountain Rescue who are based in Hebden Bridge, Ian Vickerage suggested supporting CROWS who maintain footpaths around Calderdale and also spend some money on advertising. It was suggested £500 to each of the charities. We also agreed that we would try again next year to plan a long weekend away for Calderdale members and complete the Bronte Way or similar. 

Stephen believes that the money should be spent on the group we all agreed on the charities but agreed that some monies should be used within the group.


Any other business

We discussed and agreed a Christmas meal curtesy of Calderdale, where we would incorporate the next meeting, we agreed that we would book a local venues and invite the first 15 Calderdale members who email Karen to secure a place.


Next Meeting 21-12-21

Followed by a Christmas meal at 2 Amici, Broad car Lane, Holy Well Green, first 15 members to respond and email Karen Nash before 1-12-21 will secure a place, as we need to secure numbers and then you will be sent details and menus which will explain the Christmas menu options.

Karen Nash

Calderdale LDWA





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