Calderdale LDWA committee meeting dated 10-8-21

Calderdale LDWA committee meeting dated 10-8-21
Calderdale LDWA committee meeting dated 10-8-21

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Calderdale Committee meeting dated 10-8-21


Geoff Barnes

Jane Guest

Paula Pickersgill

Sandy Gee

Karen Nash



Anne Webb


Previous meeting minutes agreed, which talked about what was expected from walk leaders to keep within restrictions at that time, social distancing, reccies, types of paths and ensuring ample space for coffee and lunch stops, the meeting also talked about the continued need for registers and risk assessments.

Luckily it would appear that restrictions have now been relaxed and walks are becoming more frequent and more available, we accept the need for caution and would ask that walkers be considerate to other peoples needs and views in respect of restrictions and expectations.

The purpose of tonight's meeting was to consider how after such a long time with limited or no walks we can move Calderdale forward and make it a group that people want to join and lead or enjoy walking with.

There is an acceptance that during the pandemic people have got out of the habit of looking for walks and planning in advance, so Sandy suggested that when we put on a group walk over the next few months that an email is sent to remind primary and secondary members a week before the event.

Paula suggested that she might come on a walk if it was a little shorter for example 15 miles, she suggests that this may help walkers who have not had the opportunity to keep walking during the pandemic and also could be used as a initial walk for new walkers. Sandy also agreed to put walks on face book.

Anne sent suggestions via a message to the chair of a shorter walk and asked how far walkers would be prepared to travel as she would be prepared to organise a shorter walk. 

The following agreed to consider a shorter walk which we thought we would try alternate months, Karen to lead a shorter walk in September, Sandy to lead one in November, Jane to lead a shorter walk mid-week in December and Geoff to lead one in January. It was agreed that we would try these shorter walks over the winter months especially as the nights draw in and then re-assess in the new year. 

All walks whether short or long need to be sent to Stephen Walker, walks secretary so that they can be put on the website and then also sent to Karen Nash who will send an email to all members a week before a walk

We agreed to re-consider the originally planned week away which was halted in its infancy due to the pandemic, this weekend was to walk the Bronte Way and stay over night to encourage members old and new to meet and enjoy a meal and maybe a few drinks as well as for those who want to enjoy the walk. it was suggested to consider this again for next June and for this to be discussed again with any other ideas at the next meeting.

Other ideas to encourage people to join and walk with Calderdale were Karen to make a poster which will be emailed to all and if every member where to print it and put one poster out that would be over 60 poster so if you all print two we are talking 120 posters. Suggestions for putting up posters are libraries, GP surgeries, local work places and face book. Paula will also try and design a card the size of a credit card which again can be easily carried and given to people who we meet in our daily walking or working lives, 

Lets talk to people and encourage them to walk and join Calderdale

Any other business



Next meeting Tuesday 2-11-21 at 7pm at The drop Inn, Elland

Karen Nash Calderdale LDWA secretary

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