How much food does it take to feed 500+ people over 48 hours, not forgetting the 35+ on the Marshal’s event?  A huge amount - a total of 2000 rashers of bacon, 680 eggs, countless loaves of bread, slabs of baked beans, rice pudding, bananas, flapjacks, grated cheese and, of course, 200 of our famous stotties from Greggs (others are available) amongst many other things. 

Planning the food proved problematic given that an early CP was just a bit plantation at Steel Rigg (subsequently changed to Sewing Shields with running water) and then Greg’s Hut followed by 2 farms, one of which didn’t even have water or power and the final CP was another farm. There wasn’t much scope for food at these without refrigeration. To overcome some of these, the committee took the brave decision that snack packs would be given out at HQ and Garrigill. Another challenge - what to put in them!

My second in command, Paul Ashman, chef extraordinaire proved invaluable with his suggestions regarding food at the end particularly given that there would be people with specialist dietary requirements.  A pasta sauce, a curry sauce and broth, all of which would be vegetarian and, with the use of a vegetarian, dairy and gluten free stock would meet most requirements. The addition of chicken, cheese and whatever else we had available for those wanting a little more in the way of protein would be available as an add-on. 

Come the main event, curry sauce was doubled following its success at the marshal’s event and porridge added to the breakfast menu. A number of people made this all possible by putting in long hours on either one or both weekends:

No food was wasted as any fresh and chilled food went to Stopgap which helps homeless people with accommodation and the rest went to the West Northumberland Foodbank.


Sally Lee