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Firstly, I know a lot of people like to have a paper copy of their result, so as we are not doing an event report if you would like to print your own copy then you can do so by downloading one of the following and printing it yourself. You can also use the PACER Results screen on the LDWA website to view the results by real times, elapsed times or leg times and to sort them in various different ways.



When I agreed to get involved with organising the IT and PACER Results system for the Hadrian Hvndred I had expected that being such a rural route it would be difficult to publish any sort of meaningful on-the day results. However, three years is a long time and a lot of checkpoints which were without either internet or a good mobile signal when we first booked them have since got one or the other, so in the end we were able to get quite good coverage. The exceptions were at Gregs Hut and Birkdale farm, where due to their remoteness and the weather we were unable to get anything out during the day.

Although PACER is not a safety system on its own it proved to be an excellent tool for tracking people, and with so many checkpoints online it was very useful for the checkpoints themselves to follow the progress of the event and see how many participants they had outstanding.

It also proved very popular with friends and family following the event at home, as the “follow participants” page which allows you to see how your friends and family are getting on got approximately 43,000 views over the course of the event. That and the FB and Twitter responses show that a lot of people were watching on as it all unfolded over the weekend.


Mark Hawker


The Hadrian Hundred Certificate.

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