Meet the Team

There were a huge number of people involved in helping to stage the Hadrian Hundred, both before, during and after the event. We are still updating this list and have some of the checkpoint teams still to add in - please watch this space.

Steering Committee

Initial Chairman - Ian Lauriston

Co-ordinator - Bill Milborne

Treasurer - Tony Willey

IT - Mark Hawker

Catering - Sally Lee

Route - Tony Deall

Risk Assessment - Dave Clifton

Entries - Janet Arnison

Transport - Gordon Barras

Checkpoints - Jo and Chris Squires-Parkin

Sweepers - Peter Ford

Publicity - Jackie Ritchie

Committee - Mike Rayner, John Sparshatt (NEC)


Route Map - David Bath

Publicity Flyer - Juliet Percival

HQ: Joanne Hall (Northumbria)
Brian Farrell, Suzanne Waldschmidt and her  crew from London LDWA - Isobel Sanchez, Janet Chapman, Avril Stapleton, Liz Bryan, Paul Tilley, Paul Lawrence, Dave Williams, Colin Sanders, Ian Watson, Chris Blackwell, Charlotte Minchell, Marie Heracleous, John Pennifold

Vicky Robson and her daughter Lauren (she was only 12 years old), Sid, Joy and Ed Tracey (Rambler friends), John Scott, Chris Bishop, Jackie Stevenson, Joan Hanson, Michelle Orton, Carrie Baines, Mary McEwan, Ann Foster, Kevin, Jessica and Bob Rutherford, Clare Edgar, Dianne and her husband, Katherine, Stephen Foster, Lyndsey Hedley and Li Yang, John Stewart,Christine Willey. We also had Adrian and his parking team Owen and Barrie.

Catering: Sally Lee (Northumbria)
Paul Ashman, Penny Baldwin, Brian Farrell, Vicky and Lauren Robson, Jackie Stevenson, Jane Mansfield, Jane Guest, The Crew from London.

Sweepers: Peter Ford (Northumbria)
Geoff Buckley (Northumbria), Ian Filtness (Northumbria), Jim Arden (Northumbria), Phil Routledge (Northumbria) ,Neil Mansfield (Northumbria), Ben Mansfield (Northumbria), Melissa Butcher (London), Tara Williams (Sussex), Peter Grayson (Duddon and Furness MRT), Des Lee (Teasdale MRT), Eric Gilhooley (Teasdale MRT), Graham Belt (Raynet), Bill Draysfield (Raynet).

PACER / Results: Mark Hawker (Cumbria)
Eddie Winslow, Kevin Dews, Jeff Coulson, Ken Falconer, Isobel Falconer, John Sparshatt.

Transport: Gordon Barras (Northumbria)
Andy Carpenter, Peter Cowlyn, Mike Rayner, Anne Palmer, Andy Hastie, Steve Lee, Anne Brown, Gordon Wake, Peter Byrne, Richard Stelling, John Wilkinson, Adrian Wade, Julie Cribb, Tom Dornan, Dennis Walker, Martin Lawson, John Pickersgill,


Checkpoint 1 - Newbrough: Cleveland

Jill King, Eva and Albert Bowes, Tom Pascoe, Carol Stather, Geoff Smith, Edith Moran, Dave Wain. Alan Robertson, Nigel Coates, Ken Wilson, Vince and Pat Thwaites, Bob Firth, Dave Firth.

BB&N - Christine Bramley.


Checkpoint 2 - Sewing Shields: North Yorkshire and Nidderdale

David Jacques, Roy Jacques, Roger & Caroline Wandless, Steph and Amanda Carter, Dave & Andi Campbell, Jean & Frank Fowler, Stephen Hall, John Leete, Cath Stenton, Sue and Peter Lomax, Iain Connell, Edwina Redman.

Adrian Dixon, Mary Fullerton, Tricia Hesford, Mike Sparrow, Hazel Holey.

Checkpoint 3 - Haltwhistle: Essex and Herts

Checkpoint 4 - Knarsdale: Heart of Scotland and NW Grampian
Julie Cribb, Hannah Cribb, Clea Warner, Naomi Cribb, John Henderson, David Galloway, Wendy Galloway.

Ken & Isobel Falconer, Richard Newall, Jennifer Smith, Nancy Richardson,

BB&N - Norman Corrin

Knarsdale Kit Check

Madeleine Watson, Chrostine Bramley, Michelle Orton, Katherine Robbins, Neil & Ben Mansfield.


Checkpoint 5 - Garrigill: Lakeland and West Yorks

Nicky Wood, Ian Scott, Jenny Wyles, Ken Wyles, Fred Stubbs, Helen Stubbs, Tom Sellers, Caroline Roy, Barry Utting, Colin Firth, Davina Harrison, Steve Gilleard                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ian Dyer, TIm Rollett, Tom Wood, Bryan Wiseman, Frances Crosland, Sue Manley, Ian Haigh and John Pickersgill.

Checkpoint 6 - Greg's Hut: Northumbria
Dave Clifton, Malcolm Hunt, Ricky Scott.


Checkpoint 7b - Dun Fell Road: Northumbria
Ian Millican, Tony Murray, Jon Blane.

Raynet -  Bernie Stevens.


Checkpoint 7 - Dufton: Cumbria and and East Lancs
Tony Deall, Janet Arnison, Helen and Neil Beatham, Pat and Dave Evans, Barbara Young, Ian Lauriston, Wendy Thurrell, Trish Dunant, Louise Smith, Andy Armstrong, Jim Crockett, Michael Headley.

Viv Lee, John Holland, Alma & Dave Walsh, Phil Chapman, Jeanette Banks, Steve Clark, Sue Boardman, Ian & Gil Hamiston, Caroline Tennant, Nick Halford, Ken Noble, Sue Bowker, Hilary Scott, Barbara Shelton, Andy Griffin, Val Walmsley, Sandra Robinson, Roger Jackson, Viv Pike.

West Lancashire  - Rob Radford, North Yorkshire  - Iain Connell.


Checkpoint 8 - Birkdale: Northumbria

Graham and Andrea Jones, Martin Smith, Andy Lawrence.

Dorset -  Colin Utting

Checkpoint 9 - Watersmeeting: Kent and Wiltshire

Mike Attewell,  Andwell Melling, Neil Higham, Dale Moorhouse, John Gilbert, Joy Davies, Mary Shillito, Clare Newman, Ros Humphreys, Graham Smith, Nick Dockree, David Thornton, Brian Buttifant.

Lesley Bellis, Andy Todd, Tim Cundick, Clare Staff, Bea Therin, Janette Armstrong, Roger Swift, Bruce Barclay,

Heart of England - Jan Cox, Chris Stockton

Checkpoint 10 - Cowshill: South Wales

Jill Richardson, Bob Richardson, Daphne Morgan, Graham Morgan, Gill Morgan, David Morgan, Ann Nixon, Alwyn Nixon, Clare Murray, Grae Yeandle, Shirley Hume, Jo Johnstone, Alan Warrington.

Derbyshire Dales Raynet - Jim and Sandra Andrews, Adrian Sturgess, Sharon Leader.

Checkpoint 11 - Allenheads: Vermuyden

Sally Buck, Sue Arnold, Donna Cook, Dave and Jean Newbold, Peter Poppy, Bev and Aaron Hookway, Lunne and Tony Harness, Chris and Maggie Haley, Ian Smith.

Checkpoint 12 - Allendale Town: Cornwall and Devon

Hazel and Terry Bound, Tim Crosby, Annette Merchant, Pat Enmonds, Bill Lancashire, Marian Jewson, Ali Ryman, Norman and Ann Evans, Gill Kingwell, Viv and Roy Zeionka, Denise Searle, Rose Wood, Rose Oliver, David Graham, Wendy Garrett.

Checkpoint 13 - Greenridge Farm: Merrian, DFH & Friends
Anne Addison (BBN), Chelle Armour (Norfolk and Suffolk), Christine Bramley (BBN), Jack Cooper (West Yorkshire), Mick Cooper (West Yorkshire), Dave Findel-Hawkins (BBN), Michael Fletcher (Norfolk and Suffolk), Merrian Lancaster (BBN), Kaye and Richard Parker (Greenridge Farm)



Checkpoint 1 - Broccolitia

Jim Arden, Ricky Scott, Brid Cowley

Checkpoint 2 - Steel Rigg  

Mike Rayner, John Stewart

Checkpoint 3 - Haltwhistle  

Tony Rowley, Susan Wilkinson

Checkpoint 4 - Knarsdale

Tony Deall, Janet Arnison

Checkpoint 5 - Garrigill

Jill Green, Jim Catchpole

Checkpoint 6 - Dufton

South Manchester group

Checkpoint 7 - Cow Green

Ann Atkinson, Beryl-Anne Massey, Gordon Rake, Mike Rayner, John Stewart

Checkpoint 8 - Cowshill

Deidre Flegg, Mike Childs

Checkpoint 9 - Allenheads

David Stabler, Alan Yeats

Checkpoint 10 - Allendale Town

Susan Wilkinson, Tony Rowley

Checkpoint 11 - West Greenridge Farm

 David Findel-Hawkins, Merrion Lancaster

Sweepers -

 Paul Ashman, Sarah Dyer, Nick Hooper, Barbara Stevens, Gary Robson, Fred Clapham, Ian Hislop, Bill Brown

Drivers -

Steve Lee, Bill Brown, Jim Arden

Apologies to anybody who we have missed from this list - please contact us and we will add you on too.