Route Description

Version 6.1 of the Route Description (updated 23rd MAY 2019) is available here in Word and PDF format.

There is a minor change in Section 11.5 which is highlighted in red.

Opening times for the later checkpoints from Birkdale onwards have been revised and will be opening up to 2 hours later than previously advertised.

This is in response to experience gained on the Marshals' walk so make sure you adjust your starting time appropriately.

Start arrangements for later starters are available here.

A GPX file (updated March 2019) of the route is here.

The Route Risk Assessment is here in Word  format.

Please note that these will be subject to change and revision over the forthcoming months.

If there are any comments, criticisms or suggestions please address them initially to the Route Manager.

Please also be circumspect if reccying the route in advance.

It is not possible to go through the garden after Lambley viaduct until the Event - please use the steps down and up again to bypass it.

Please also be especially considerate on the parts of the route through upper Teesdale and over Greenrigg Moor - no dogs please.