A few memories, thoughts and comments of the North York Moors 100

‘Thank you to all your wonderful team for a splendid event, so well organised. All the team and checkpoints were brilliant. We might have finished sooner if we had not stopped to eat so much!’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed helping’ 

‘I`d like to think I`ve made some new friends’ 

‘It was truly a brilliant event and a brilliant team to work with’ 

‘Well done to the whole team. We speak from experience in saying that it takes an enormous amount of planning and hard work to make a successful event, and you should certainly count the N York Moors 100 as a success’.

‘Well done to the team, and thanks for a great weekend. Your county certainly has some superb walking and we hope to return soon’

‘The event was extremely well organised and the checkpoints were staffed well, the food was fresh and plentiful at each checkpoint and the CP staff coped well - even though space was limited in some of the earlier CPs’

‘Take a moment to bask in the glory and celebrate your achievements!’

‘The whole committee were outstanding and you can all be very proud of an excellent event that professionals would have been pushed to deliver with such panache.’

 ‘I loved the messages on the coke cans! You've set the standard very high for future catering at these events:)’

‘Everywhere we went, we met cheerful, welcoming people who made the event an occasion to remember.’

‘I'd like to thank you for an interesting, enjoyable and tiring weekend, which I should image will possibly be a one off experience’ (From a volunteer)

‘What a magnificent event.  It had everything. I particularly loved… the course which combined stunning scenery with some really horrid climbs that are so unfair for those of us from the flat lands of Norfolk, the cheese at Botton, the smooth running of everything, the kindness of those at the checkpoints’.

‘I would like to say thank you to you and everybody else involved in what was an amazing event. I cannot imagine the organisation involved in the logistics for an event of that size’.

‘Huge thank you to the NYM100 team for putting on a great and very well organised event.  It was my first LDWA 100 and had the feel of a regularly run event, rather than a one-off, which essentially each individual one is.’

 “I normally do running events but the LDWA 100 is up there with the very best”.

 ‘I got a very strong sense of the local team showing off its patch and you're right (the North York Moors is one of the best kept secrets in the UK)... my impression had been of bleak moors, steam trains, and not much else - and that was based on visiting! That return trip might happen’.

‘That was a well organised event and I loved all the checkpoints and the helpfulness of the staff.’

 ‘Thank to everyone involved and a particular personal thank you to those on the later checkpoints who motivated my when my mind and body were both wrecked.  Their support kept me going and although this was my slowest 100 ever, I still finished and get the badge (which I love the shape of by the way)’

‘Just wanted to pass on my thanks the organising teams and all the people that helped out during the event Great atmosphere, great support and genuine care for the participants’

 ‘Thanks for a great weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves sweeping and the food at the check points were really great,, so much food and plenty of choice.’

‘The kit is fabulous!!  I love the hoodie in particular and the colours are glorious’.