North Yorkshire 100 maps

The maps required to cover the complete route are:

  • OS 1:25,000 Explorer 300 and OL26 and OL27 OR
  • OS 1:50,000 Landranger 94 and 100 OR
  • Bespoke map, 40000m x 40000m, centred on (480000,489000) which is about 4.5 km south of Stape (checkpoint 13). This map can be purchased from the UK Map Centre at a cost of £19.49.

Computer-generated versions of these maps printed in colour at a scale of not less than 1:50,000, waterproof and covering at least 1 km either side of the route will be acceptable.

Maps in electronic format will also be allowed provided durability and adequate power supply can be demonstrated if requested by a marshal.