How to enter the Main Event

You can enter the main event on-line or by post. We strongly recommend that you use the on-line entry procedure. You will get instant confirmation that your entry has been received and you will then be on the bulk email list for any further communications. It's also a lot easier for us as we don't have to process a large number of postal entries and cheques. If you do enter by post and have an email address, tell us what it is and we will add it to the bulk email list.

Please see the Rules of the North York Moors 100 for more details of the entry procedure and the ballot.

Following the practice of previous 100s:

  • The registration period for the North Yortk Moors 100 opens on Monday 10th October 2016 and closes on Friday 25th November 2016.
  • If more than 550 valid entries are received by 25th November 2016 entrants will be selected by means of a ballot with preference given to LDWA members.
  • If fewer than 550 valid entries are received by 25th November 2016, all valid entries at that date will be accepted (subject to conditions of entry) and the remaining places filled on a first come first served basis irrespective of LDWA membership. The final closing date for entries will be Monday 17th April 2017.
  • You must have completed a qualifying event before your entry can be accepted.
  • Double Hundred crossings will not be allowed.

To enter online, click the button below or follow this link.

The entry form for the North York Moors 100 can be downloaded from here. Note: the Standard Entry Form (SEF) will not be acepted.

To receive an entry form by post send an SAE to the entries secretary:

     Steph Carter 12 Kings Meadow Grove Wetherby LS22 7FR.


Any questions you want to ask or issues you want to discuss on any aspect of the North York Moors 100, please raise them on the LDWA forum.