Route Description

The Event version of the route description (v3.46) is now online and can be downloaded as a pdf, doc or docx.

(Note: any minor changes to the route description will be listed in the errata document.)

Version History

  • V3.46 released 12th May 2017. Official Event version with permissive sections. See the change log for differences between v4.45.
  • V3.45 released 11th April 2017. Revised a few route details, following recent recces.
  • V3.44 released 24th Mar 2017. Added a few Compass Bearings to aid navigation.
  • V3.43 released 14th Mar 2017. Fixed a few more errors spotted by entrants.
  • V3.42 released 6th Mar 2017. Details of the C2C route from the B1416 to New May Beck farm clarified.
  • V3.41 released 1st Mar 2017. Details of crossing over Howl Moor updated.
  • V3.40 released 21st Feb 2017: Route changes to stage 1 (start) and stage 11 (just after breakfast).
  • V3.39 released 15th Feb 2017: fixed a few more errors spotted by entrants.
  • V3.38 released 7th Feb 2017: fixed a few errors spotted by entrants.
  • V3.37 released 3rd Feb 2017: Checkpoint 1 moved to Easthorpe Business Park.
  • V3.36 released 30th Jan 2017: First public release of Route Description - Recce Version.

GPX Files

The GPX files are available here.

Recce Route Description

The Recce version of the route description (v3.46) can be downloaded from here.