Lost Property

There are several items of lost property currently sitting in my garage. These include items of clothing, hats, gloves, mugs, drinks containers, map cases, a compass, various trek poles. If you have lost anything, then contact Annette Merchant to see if your item is listed.

In addition, I have been contacted by a resident of Ashburton who found a camera in the field known as the Terrace in the event RD, the pictures indicated that the owner had been taking part in a group walk over the bank holiday and on doing an internet search they found this event. If you think you lost your camera in the Ashburton area please contact me and I will put you in touch with the finder.

Please contact Annette Merchant: email: camel_teign@btinternet.com  Tel: 01626 367543 to claim anything listed. Items will be posted out on receipt of the postage cost.

Lost property will be kept for 6 weeks and any items remaining unclaimed after that time will be disposed of.