Breakfast Bag Weight Reminder

The organisers would like to remind entrants that they will be strictly applying the weight restrictions on breakfast bags. A copy of this event rule is shown below. Breakfast bags can be deposited throughout Friday evening as well as Saturday morning at Teignmouth. There will also be a "pre-check-in" area with scales available for walkers to check the weight of their bag before handing it in. Bags that are overweight will be refused and the owner must take it away and reduce the weight. Black sacks and additional RED (finish) baggage labels will be available to transfer excess baggage into.

Extract of Rule 6: Baggage

Please keep the size and weight of your bags within a maximum permitted size 22” x 18”x 10” and maximum weight 13lbs. Your bags will be weighed and measured and bags exceeding this size or weight will not be transported. No plastic sacks or bin liners will be accepted, nor items other than those wholly contained within the bag. This includes walking poles.