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Welcome to the Camel Teign Ivor's Dream 100 web site.

In early 2008, Ivor Kingwell, (our group social secretary and organiser of the Dartmoor Reservoir Kanters), came to the Cornwall and Devon Committee with his idea for our next hundred. It was clear from his presentation to the group at that meeting that he had already put in a lot of thought and done a huge amount of research. He felt strongly that the route should take in both counties.  His suggestion was for a walk that ran from coast to coast, across both counties and over both Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor – a true Cornwall and Devon Hundred.  He pulled out maps with 3 possible routes marked on them, each one meeting the required criteria. His enthusiasm, together with the effort he had already put in, so motivated those attending the meeting that evening, that the decision was made to allow Ivor to put in a “bid” to National Committee for around 2013 -2014 and if successful, front it as organiser. This he duly did and in mid- 2008 we were allocated the 2013 hundred.

Then, in November 2008, just as Ivor was putting together an executive group to move everything forward, he collapsed and died whilst out on a Scout walk on Dartmoor. This came as a real blow to the group. He had been at the committee meeting just days earlier and group members were stunned.  However, it very quickly became clear that this hundred would now be our group’s tribute to Ivor and resulted in the name Camel (Camel Estuary start) Teign (Teign Estuary finish) Ivor's Dream

We have heard a number of pronunciations of this event over the past few months, so, for those not familiar with the area, Teign is pronounced "Teen" as in Teenager, but Teignmouth is pronounced "Tinmuth"

On this page we will list the major updates we have made to the web site content as we make them. e.g, when we add additional pages, accommodation information etc. This should hopefully make it easier for entrants when they revisit the site to see if we have added the information they are looking for.

11 June 2012

Page added under The Event and Route menu covering initial basic information. Qualifying Events page updated

 25 June 2012
Updated Basic Details page to show date registration forms will be available
13 August 2012 Qualifying Events page updated
28 August 2012 New pictures added to route gallery page
12 September 2012 Additional information about online registration on the Basics page, merchandise colour added to merchandise page
19 September 2012 Event rules uploaded and published under Administration Heading
01 October 2012 Marshals event rules uploaded and release date for route description detailed on route page
14 October 2012 Entry form uploaded for 15/10/12
13 November 2012 Details on transport and accommodation at the base/finish
30 January 2013 Route Description for Main Event uploaded
5 February 2013 GPX Files Uploaded
28 February 2013 Route page updated to notify entrants that maps posted out. Supporters Notes uploaded
2 March 2013 Marshals' Event Route Description uploaded
18 March 2013 Added page detailing car parking arrangements and updated "Getting to the Start" for this
26 March 2013 Updated car parking arrangements page
15 April 2013 Latest News updated for posting out of final details
22 April 2013 Leg 2 Route Description amendment of whole section uploaded
1 May 2013 Uploaded gpx files "part A" and "entire route" amended for Leg 2 re-route
16 May 2013 Uploaded marshals walk initial results on Marshals Walk page. Added breakfast bag weight limit reminder on latest news menu
18 May 2013 Final Route Description Uploaded to Website
19 May 2013 Route Map for Sections 12.9 to 12.2 Uploaded to Website
29 May 2013 Provisional results uploaded to website
27 August 2013 Uploaded information regarding refunds to entrants