A Tribute to Ivor

Ivor Kingwell, to whom the Cornwall and Devon LDWA has dedicated this event, as well as being a valuable member of our group, had been involved in Scouting for over 30 years.

More especially he had spent over 25 years involved in training scout teams from the Teignbridge district for the annual Ten Tors Expedition held on Dartmoor by the army. This requires teams of 6 to walk distances of 35, 45 or 55 miles over Dartmoor over 2 days camping on the moors overnight and carrying a 30lb backpack. Entrants must be aged between 13 and 19 to take part and whilst each person completing the event receives a medal, the more coveted certificate is only presented to those who finish with a complete team. Many teams actually complete this event in little more than 1 day, camping only a mile or two short of the finish to comply with the rules.

Ivor also encouraged scout teams who had completed Ten Tors to take part in his annual Dartmoor Reservoirs Kanter introducing them to the LDWA.

Because of these strong connections, Cornwall and Devon LDWA approached Teignbridge District Scouts to involve them in the Camel Teign 100 in some way. As a result walkers and supporters may see the following during the course of the weekend:

Teignbridge District Scouts will be manning CP13 Liverton on both the marshals walk and main event, providing all the equipment required to produce and run the checkpoint.

Approximately 12 scouts and scout leaders all of whom have completed the 55 mile Ten Tors event in previous years and are involved with the Ten Tors training programme will be walking the route in tandem with the main event, but not part of it. They will be checking in and experiencing the event in the same way as LDWA entrants.

Scouts who will have walked the 55, 45 and 35 mile events just two weeks before the hundred will be walking in small groups from Ashburton and Liverton to Teignmouth. They will be supported and supervised by their scout leaders and will be leaving their start points at intervals to avoid bunching. Again, this gives them the opportunity to experience challenge walking beyond their experience of Ten Tors.