2019 09 28 The Ribble at Nappa

Pete gets the coffee in
The Ribble At Nappa, had nothing at all to do with Nappa as it transpired!
Due to the persistent rainfall in the days before and on the day, common sense prevailed and the plan to wade the river at the historical crossing of Nappa was cancelled.
That was only the beginning of what became a very, erratically led walk but, a very memorable one nevertheless.
Altering the original route accordingly and taking into account the prevailing conditions, I anticipated a revised distance of around 15m
Confidently leading the group out of Gisburn through the field system south, towards Twiston, a path I have trod many times before, I soon became hopelessly disorientated and ended up out west by the A59
The conditions where certainly bad, poor visibility, wet long grass and heavy rain with Poncho on for only the second time this year but, lesson to learn for me personally was, don’t take anything for granted, always have the map to hand! 
Retracing our steps was not a good option, four miles in total, after discussing the situation I decided to attempt the route in the opposite direction.
This meant I had at least three different routes going on inside my head at the same time, not to mention other recce’s I had been doing recently.
Over the A59, through Gisburn Park, by the Mott & Bailey to Paythorn, where the full might of the River Ribble was racing under the bridge. (Scary)
I was feeling better by now but the head was still spinning, through the fields via Monubent to Forest Becks and our morning stop with amazing brilliant sunshine we where to savour for most of the day.
Moving on via Hungrill, resisting the temptation of the Holden Garden Centre Tea Rooms, climbing up Fat Hill and onto Rodhill with one of those wonderful wide sweeping vistas you don’t come across to often and our lunch stop with a view.
Plenty of photo opportunities here, Hazel was busy taking selfie's with the whole group, Pirate’s to the fore in, Peter Godfrey & Steve ‘Clarkie’ Clark, Storming Norman, Kim, Pendle Pete & our guest from WY Tim Rollett. 
After lunch we had a rough downhill section, Rodhill Lane to Sawley, where at the bottom we encountered a path diversion causing some confusion, until a local resident politely and firmly showed us the correct path.
At Sawley, more photos and another sight of the Ribble raging ever onwards to the coast.  Out of the village behind Sawley Abbey, over the A59 again, through more fields and down to the old Packhorse Bridge over Swanside Beck near Downham.
Passing Downham Mill, along by the side of Ings Beck and then, back in my own back yard virtually, I totally lost all sense of direction and started loosing the will to live. 
However, leaving Ings Beck for Hollins, Martin Top, Howgill and Cross Hill Lane, we came to a caravan park and through it to Eel Beck.
From here was the section I got hopelessly wrong earlier in the day, crossing the field system successfully this time, we where back in Gisburn around 4.50pm and into the cafe for a well deserved hot drink but…
Not before I managed to lead everyone, in their cars this time, the wrong way again. 
When it’s not you day, it’s not your day!
I had never really recovered from the bad start which threw me completely but thanks to everyone's cooperation, kindness and good humour, we made a excellent day of it.
I honestly enjoyed myself but, to many mistakes, sorry.
Thank you all for your company and support!
20 miles, included the wayward section from the morning.
Pendle Pete. 
Facebook photos from Hazel - here

Photos by Pendle Pete