2019 08 29 Dovestone Explored

On Dove Stone Rocks


Above Greenfield Brook & Reservoir


Dove Stone SP's Heartland


Anne’s Back Yard, Alphin Trig 




Scrambling Along Greenfield Brook



Dropping Off Alderman's Hill

Photos by Pendle Pete

Eight SP regulars set out from the Dove Stone CP at 8.40am with fair weather and another good day in prospect.
A circumnavigation of the amphitheatre, that the hills and reservoirs beneath them present. 
Having recced the walk twice, I was still having difficulty reaching the required milage without the walk becoming disjointed.
Grateful on the day to receive local help from Anne at the route up Alphin and at the end by Norman, to take us to 20m with the way over Alderman’s Hill.
We progressed through the attractive wooded area below Alphin onto the top at the trig end, all the way across the top up to Chew Res’ and our first morning break.  Dramatic viewing all the way today, this has to be one of the best locations in the country in my opinion.
Continuing in the same vain all the way across Dove Stone’s via Ashway Gap to Greenfield Brook and then some scrambling to reach a safe crossing point and back down the opposite side of Greenfield Brook and reservoir for our lunch stop.
Picking up the path to the dam at Yeoman Res’ across to Bin Green and then up the A635 a mile to Upperwood House.
Crossing the road for the moor path, around Broadstone Hill, passing Slades Rocks, Shaw Rocks, Sugar Loaf, Kinder Stones and to the Obelisk for our afternoon stop at the SP logo location.
To complete a memorable day we stepped down to Bin Green again via Alderman’s Hill and more amazing view’s, over the dam of Yeoman Res’ again and around Dove Stone Res’ under the bulk of Dove Stone itself back to CP.
Thanks for your company, Ron, Ian. Peter, Steve, Andrew Anne & Norman.
Leader Pendle Pete.